Rear Admiral Iluvar   

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Character Information
Name   Iluvar
Rank   Rear Admiral
Position   Commanding Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   175 lbs.
Eye Color   brown
Hair Color   dark brown
Physical Description   Average in appearance, Iluvar tends to dress simply when not in uniform. His shorter, dark brown hair is often mistaken for black while his eyes have an almost knowing kindness that convey a warmth and friendliness.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Always ready to assist in whatever way possible, Iluvar is the one to get the job done. An innate leader, he prides himself in getting the team to work together to accomplish the goal, even if that means he has to get his hands dirty. Some have mistaken him for an El-Aurian because of his ability to listen to others.

While he tends to remain calm and clear headed in almost any situation, those who have seen him get angry do not recommend pushing him that far. Some have thought him weaker or less adept for his cool, almost Vulcan-like control, only to find themselves sorely mistaken.
Strengths & Weaknesses
A unique style of leadership has helped Iluvar to earn praise from more than one of his commanders. His ability to coordinate work efforts while not lording above his team has been noticed by a few of the top brass.

Unfortunately, with all his positives, Iluvar has been more withdrawn since his leave of absence after the destruction of the Valar. While his official evaluation atributes it to "survivor's guilt", those closest to him believe that something else happened that he has chosen not to reveal to anyone.
To remain a true explorer and never get transferred to a desk job. He also very much wishes to prove that the destruction of the Valar was not an accident and discover what really happened to his friends and shipmates.
Hobbies & Interests
Though he enjoys the holodeck as much as the next officer, he prefers to visit the various locations in person, if possible, believing that it gives him a better sense of the original setting. Iluvar has always been one for the outdoors and enjoys camping, especially in the northwoods on Earth.
Languages   English, German, Klingon, Vulcan, Ba'ku
Father   unknown
Mother   unknown
Other Family   Mr. & Mrs. Walker, Jason Walker
Iluvar is a young man who has always held an interest in space exploration. Born in the former United States on Earth, he grew up in a small rural town called Harmony, which tended to keep to the ways of the past, with little evidence of modern technologies. Following the death of his parents at a young age, he was taken in by the Walker family. While Iluvar was cared for, he never felt truly at home with the Walkers. They, along with the rest of the town, were more interested in Jason Walker�s plans to become a mechanic than Iluvar�s plans to become a Starfleet officer.

At school, he was considered one of the brightest students in class and would spend much of his free time studying the great starship captains such as Archer, Kirk, Harriman, and Picard (who had not yet gained command of the Enterprise by this time). He never went anywhere without his PADD, one of his few prized possessions. It was, perhaps, one of the few pieces of technology his fellow students had seen at that age. When he was only 12 years old, he took the practice Academy entrance exams and nearly scored high enough to receive a passing assessment. At 17, Iluvar was accepted to the Academy based on his high test scores and academic achievements. Since he left Harmony, Iluvar has yet to return to his town of birth.

After being accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2366, Iluvar decided to transfer immediately, rather than wait to finish out the school year in Harmony, so as to join his class for orientation. His trip to San Francisco, though it lasted only a few minutes, was his first sub-orbital shuttle flight.

Within moments of disembarking, he encountered Boothby, the famous Academy groundskeeper. Iluvar spent a lot of his free time at the Academy helping Boothby with tasks around the grounds. This provided him with the opportunity to learn from the older man�s wisdom and experience.

It didn�t take long for Iluvar to make a mark in his academics as well. By the end of his first year, he had drawn the attention of his instructors for his unique leadership abilities and his successful victory over the Kobayashi Maru simulation. For this, he earned a position in the elite Command Dorm, known for its unique drills and course schedules. A rigorous course schedule and hard work earned Iluvar top recognition.

His Academy days were marked with other major events as well. When the Borg made their first incursion into Federation space, Iluvar, along with his fellow classmates, watched the utter destruction of the fleet at Wolf 359. Thanks to the actions of the USS Enterprise, Earth was saved. Iluvar also witnessed the board of inquiry into the accident involving Nova Squadron that cost the life of Cadet Joshua Albert. Following the board of inquiry, Iluvar made it a point to introduce himself to Cadet Wesley Crusher.

By graduation, he was at the top of his class and received an immediate field assignment.

Straight out of the Academy, Iluvar was assigned to the small scout ship, Kohler, as the vessel�s helmsman. Because of the small crew size, Iluvar had already achieved Senior Officer status. Beginning in 2371, the Kohler operated on the fringes of the Briar Patch making surveys of the region and occasional forays into the neighboring McAllister Nebula, which Federation Scientists believe was created during the formation of the Briar Patch itself when a large amount of gasses and stellar debris became separated from the main Patch. This posting kept Iluvar from seeing much action in the Dominion War, though the So�na cooperation with the Dominion resulted in a fair share of contact nonetheless. It was during this initial exploration of the region that first contact with the So�na was initiated and the Ba�ku planet first discovered. While Iluvar did not participate in the cultural study, the Kohler did respond to the Enterprise�s call for assistance following the incident, remaining on hand to help secure a Federation presence in the region.

It was also during his service on the Kohler that he met Commander Naros, an El-Aurian with extensive knowledge of the Briar Patch and its inner workings. Naros and Iluvar seemed to get along well together and Iluvar made it his goal to learn everything that he could from the more experienced officer, especially regarding the Briar Patch. When the Kohler received transfer orders to report to Starbase 375 in 2375, Iluvar put in for a transfer to DS12, which was beginning construction at that time, where he could continue his studies of the Briar Patch as well as advance his career. He was promoted and took the position of Resident Expert on the Briar Patch. His time on DS12 was spent leading many forays deeper into the Patch than any vessel had previously gone. In addition, he became well known for his ability to work with the races of the Briar Patch and surrounding areas, serving as mediator and arbiter for more than a few diplomatic contacts.

On one occasion, while piloting a shuttle to make a closer analysis of the Baku Rings, Iluvar encountered the after effects of a passing ion storm that reacted with the Patch gasses, causing an overload in the shuttle�s systems. Unable to return to or contact Deep Space 12, Iluvar was forced to make an emergency landing on the planet. Just before his shuttle impacted the surface, he managed to activate the emergency transport and was beamed to a safe distance from the crash site, where he was discovered by some Baku youth, including Artim, who had previously interacted with the Enterprise crew.

Iluvar was taken to the village where he was nursed back to health by the residences while the Kohler waited for the residual effects of the storm to pass before being able to retrieve him. During this time, he earned the appreciation of the village and started a friendship with Artim, one that would continue strong into the present. After he was retrieved, Iluvar underwent a debriefing and was instrumental in retrieving the sensor logs from his downed shuttle which not only helped the analysis of the rings, but also shed some light on the reaction experienced in the gasses because of the ion storm.

Soon, Iluvar received another opportunity to advance his career in 2379 and took a posting as second officer and chief operations officer aboard the Valar under the late Captain Imtar. Aboard the Valar, he was able to continue his exploration of the Briar Patch as well as learn a few things regarding command from Captain Imtar. He witnessed the first encounter with two previously unknown species within the Patch before the Valar met her untimely demise.

While responding to the distress call from a small research outpost on the edge of the Patch, the Valar arrived to discover that a rogue asteroid was on a direct course for the outpost. Iluvar was sent down to the outpost to coordinate the evacuation effort while the Valar attempted to divert the asteroid. The chief engineer devised a way for them to use multiple tractor beam bursts to cause the asteroid to shift on its heading. The plan was a success and the asteroid was diverted, but in the process, the Valar suffered a massive kinetic plasma surge and was destroyed with all hands. A few days later, the Independence arrived, having been dispatched from DS12, but Iluvar was the only survivor along with the outpost personnel.

These events took their toll on the young officer and he decided to take a leave of absence. Admiral Nechayev granted his request for extended leave and he sought permission from the Baku to take up residence in the village. The Baku agreed and he settled in with Artim and his family. The two friends spent much time together and Iluvar considered leaving Starfleet to stay on Baku, hoping he would be able to escape the loss of his ship and crew.

That all changed when it was discovered that the Tholians were becoming more aggressive in their raiding and territorial boundaries near the Patch. Artim managed to convince Iluvar that his place was with Starfleet and that Baku would always be there when he got back. Taking his friend�s advice to heart, he returned to active duty in 2383, and was assigned to the Pharos as her first officer under Captain Hernandez.

At one point, the Pharos was ambushed by two Tholian Webspinners and a Tholian Command Cruiser. During the attack, Captain Hernandez suffered severe, life-threatening injuries. Iluvar assumed command of the Pharos and successfully fended off the Tholians but his commanding officer was fading fast. Not wanting to lose another officer to disaster, he pushed both the ship and crew to their limits in the race back to DS12, where the facilities necessary for the captain�s care were available. Fortune was with them and they made it back to the station in time, but it was going to be a couple of weeks until Captain Hernandez would be fit for duty. Rather than assigning another commander in her place, Admiral Nechayev allowed Iluvar to assume the role of acting captain until Hernandez could return. In addition, he received special commendation for his efforts against the Tholians and in rescuing his commanding officer.

When it came time for him to receive a promotion, Captain Hernandez put in a special recommendation for Iluvar. In late 2383, he was promoted to Commander and given command of the USS Tethys, a Prometheus-class vessel finishing construction at Utopia Planetia Shipyards. Assuming command of the Tethys, Iluvar made several assignments to his staff that would seem somewhat unusual, which reflected his unique style and the lessons he had learned in the Patch.

His assignment would take him away from the Briar Patch at times and Baku, but he remembered what his friend had told him; that Baku would always be there when he got back. He managed to stop by the village before departing DS12 on the Independence and say good bye to Artim and his friends among the village. Having grown up with little as far as family life was concerned, he felt a strong devotion to the Baku and his new �home� in the village.

According to official record, Iluvar is considered the most knowledgeable officer regarding the Briar Patch and is well known as being a resident expert on the region. His opinions and reports have been reviewed by the upper echelons of Starfleet Command and many find his insight to be thoughtful and understanding, well worth adherence.

After some time as commanding officer of the USS Tethys, Iluvar was granted a promotion to Captain and ordered to take command of Horizon Fleet's Task Force Group 22-A. A few months later, he was transferred to command Task Force Group 22-B.

In early 2385, Iluvar left the USS Tethys on a brief investigation of a personal matter, leaving command to fall to Commander T'Lara Elburn. The investigation picked up where he had left off years earlier in search of the true cause of the destruction of the USS Valar. Following a lead provided by Admiral Necheyev of Deep Space 12, Iluvar made a brief stop on Ba'ku to visit Artim and the village before disappearing into the Briar Patch. He was later found and rescued by a Lycian vessel from the clutches of an unknown alien warship. It was learned that the alien warship was responsible for the loss of the Valar and had chosen to target the negotiations that the Tethys was leading. Just as the attack was about to begin, Iluvar and his Lycian allies arrived, managing to turn the tables on these territorial aliens and allow the crew of the Tethys to save the negotiations.

Shortly after his successful completion of the Tzenkethi negotiations, Iluvar received a promotion to Commodore and was named commanding officer of Horizon Fleet's Task Force 22. As the ranking flag officer in charge of Horizon Fleet's patrol zone nearest to the Elyshan border, it was only a matter of time before Iluvar found himself dealing with the growing situation between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire.

In 2386, Iluvar led a small force to the Altorus System, responding to a distress call from renowned Ambassador Mordred Ocal. The Elyshans were unwilling to search for a diplomatic solution and a battle ensued. Starfleet forces suffered heavy losses before they discovered a weakness in the Elyshan's subspace shield technology. Using the weakness to their advantage, they managed to even the tables and bring a stop to the fighting. Both sides left on very tense terms, each returning to their own territory.

As part of a new effort to better understand the Elyshans and the unclaimed space between the two peoples, Iluvar has ordered Captain Bathar Celezar and the Pioneers to explore the region in and around the Taevon Expanse. For his part in the Battle of Altorus, Iluvar was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and placed in charge of Starfleet field operations in the region.


Service Record
Ensign- Helmsman USS Kohler(2371-2375 ~ 4 years)
Lieutenant JG - Strategic Operations Officer (Briar Patch Expert) Deep Space 12 (2375-2379 ~ 4 years)
Lieutenant JG - Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer USS Valar (2379 ~ .5 year)
ELOA - Baku Village, Baku (2379-2383 ~ 4 years)
Lieutenant - First Officer USS Pharos (2383 ~ .5 year)
Lieutenant Commander / Commander - Commanding Officer USS Tethys (2383-2384 ~ .5 year)
Captain - Commanding Officer USS Tethys & Task Force Group 22-A (2384 ~ 2 months)
Captain - Commanding Officer USS Tethys & Task Force Group 22-B (2384 - 2385)
Commodore - Commanding Officer USS Tethys & Task Force 22 (2385 - 2386)
Rear Admiral - Commanding Officer USS Tethys & Task Force 22 (2386 - Present)


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