Aris Ibanya   
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Character Information
Name   Aris Ibanya
Position   Crew Family Member
Gender   Male
Species   Human/Ba'ku
Age   14
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   145 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Blonde
Physical Description   Aris is an athletic young man who, thanks to his mixed Ba’ku heritage and the effects of the metaphasic radiation, which had only begun to affect him, maintains a youthful appearance. Raised among the Ba’ku of the mirror universe, Aris has often been told that he looks more like his mother than his father, though his eyes are clearly an inherited trait from his paternal lineage.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Hard working and curious, Aris is always trying to answer the “why” questions in life. He has a “go-get-em” attitude and feels that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to, despite what others might think or say. In fact, the less likely he is to succeed, the harder he seems to try.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Aris is a young man who demonstrates the youthful vitality and optimism of the Ba’ku, though he still harbors some of the pessimisms that he inherited from his father. The death of his mother, and later his father, had a profound impact on his view of the universe and, for a time, he remained bitter and reserved. He is hard working and kind, though he has been known to get into trouble from time to time.
When he was younger, Aris wanted nothing more than to grow up to be a village elder like his father. However, when his father died and he was adopted by the Iluvar from our own universe, his ambitions for the future became uncertain.
Hobbies & Interests
As any Ba’ku, Aris is deeply interested in the arts, particularly music. He is a proficient player of a hand carved flute that his father made for him when he was just eight years old. Aris also enjoys outdoor activities such as games and sports, whatever they may be. At the end of the day, a good book and a cup of warm milk has become a tradition for this young man.
Languages   Ba’ku, Terran (Federation Standard), Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan (partial)
Father   Iluvar Ibanya (Mirror) - deceased; Iluvar (adoptive)
Mother   Jel’ir Fahrae - deceased
Brother(s)   n/a
Sister(s)   n/a
Spouse   n/a
Children   n/a
Other Family   Sojef Ibanya (mirror), Artim Ibanya (mirror)
Aris was born to Iluvar Ibanya (mirror) and Jel’ir Fahrae (mirror) on New Ba’ku, in the mirror universe, in the year 2371. He was born into two worlds: that of his mother and the Ba’ku, and that of his father. These two worlds would continue to have an impact on him throughout his childhood.

Lucky enough not to have to endure the same base existence his father had experienced, Aris’ childhood was one of relative peace and comfort. He spent much of his early years simply hanging out with friends from the village. The children would play in the fields, alternating from organized games to simple imagination. Aris never experienced and prejudice or marginalization from the other children, but was treated as an equal.

As he grew older, Aris began to spend more of his time on his studies, which he would take from various elders and members of the village community. He would learn of the traditions and the history of his Ba’ku heritage and it soon became evident that he excelled at the arts, particularly music. On his eight birthday, his father gave him a hand-carved flute that Aris considers to be one of his most prized possessions. In the evening, he would sit on the front steps of his home, looking up at the stars, and play softly whatever came to him.

Aris soon reached an age where he was able to help in the fields during growing seasons and was forced to learn how to balance between work, studies, and play. Each of these made up an important part of his life and the life of the community. The boy never seemed to have a problem keeping up.

Eventually, when his father felt that he was finally old enough, Aris began to learn of the universe outside the utopia of the Ba’ku. Though his mother was initially opposed to him learning of the Alliance and the Romulan-Federation, she eventually conceded that he must understand both sides of his heritage. In the evenings, he would sit next to the fire and hear his father tell stories of the Alliance, the Romulan-Federation, and the Vulcan/Terran Resistance. Aris particularly enjoyed the stories of another universe, very similar to his own, where the peoples lived in peace and there was no threat of the Alliance or the Romulan-Federation.

When Aris was twelve, his mother became extremely ill. The villagers tried everything, but her condition continued to worsen. Aris’ life was directly influenced by his mother’s deteriorating condition. He became distracted during his studies and could not seem to focus. When working in the fields, his efforts were sloppy and careless. Instead of spending time with his friends, he remained at his mother’s side, caring for her. His father became concerned for Aris’ wellbeing and, though he understood the boy’s predicament, was losing patience with it.

Eventually, his mother passed away. For a time, Aris completely withdrew to his room, forcing his father to leave meals outside his door. The only sign that the boy was still alive was the empty plates that the man would retrieve following the meal. After awhile, Aris emerged from his shell, seemingly no worse for the wear. He returned to his studies, went back to the fields, and continued to hang out with his friends. A subtle change had taken place, though not clearly visible. The unfairness of the universe had touched Aris personally and he had been changed.

Following his mother’s death, Aris began to notice that his father seemed more distant than usual. He would leave the village for long periods of time without taking anyone with him and, when he returned, he refused to talk about where he had been, even with Aris. During these absences, Aris would stay with the Ibanya family. Because of the close relationship between his father and the Ibanyas, he viewed them as close as family, as one would an aunt or uncle, or perhaps ones godparents. Aris and Artim got a long well, but his father’s strange behavior continued to trouble Aris.

One night, while his father was away, Aris was working in the house when he found an odd, square-shaped device of some sort. Not having been exposed to technology, as was the way of the Ba’ku culture, Aris didn’t know what to make of it. There were images and words that appeared on the surface of the device (which was, in actuality, a PADD) that sparked Aris’ curiosity. When his father returned, Aris made no mention of his discovery or his curitosity.

The next time his father was away, Aris found the PADD and was surprised to find that it contained information about the “other universe” and a possible way to “crossover”. Concerned for his father and confused about the importance of the information he had found, Aris decided to confront his father. Unfortunately, when his father returned, Aris did not have the courage to challenge him and remained silent.

Very soon afterward, his father left again. This time, the PADD had disappeared and Aris did not find anything that would indicate where his father would have gone. Fearing that he would get his father in trouble if he said anything, he remained silent.

Days later, strangers arrived in the village in strange uniforms. One of the strangers looked a lot like Aris’ father, but something about him seemed different. Aris thought about the stories he had heard from his father and the information he had read on the PADD about the other universe. These uniforms had been on that PADD and Aris realized that these strangers were from that other universe and that the one who looked like his father was likely one of the duplicates he had heard about.

The Ba’ku were hesitant to welcome such strangers into their village, but their leader convinced Sojef that they were friends, though it may not seem like it. The man’s name was Commodore Iluvar of the USS Tethys and he had some bad news. He told them that Aris’ father had died fighting against the Alliance and the Romulan-Federation to protect the Ba’ku.

While Aris was proud of that, the fact that he was now parentless delivered a stunning blow. He didn’t know what he was going to do or who was going to take care of him. After much discussion, the commodore convinced the Ba’ku to allow him to take custody of Aris, though only if the boy consented. Completely dazed, Aris had little resistance or conviction to the idea, but he agreed anyway.

It was going to take him awhile to get used to a different way of life…to living with a man that seemed just like his father, and yet not. Soon, he started to recover from the shock and began to return to his old self. It wasn’t long before he started to accept Iluvar as a second father and the two began to form a lasting relationship.


Service Record
- Villager - New Ba'ku Village (Mirror Universe)
- Civilian - USS Tethys


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