Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen   

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Character Information
Name   Fala Awen
Rank   Lieutenant Commander
Position   Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Bajoran
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 7”
Weight   128 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Awen is 5`7" tall weighing 128lbs. She has straight black hair that matches her dark eyes. As is typical of Bajorans, Awen has a ridged nose. A scar runs partway down her left arm, the result of an injury she sustained during an operation with her Resistance Cell.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Due to the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Awen grew up much faster than most other children. It taught her to be wary of people, seeking out their intentions before opening up to them. She is very dedicated to her causes and is loyal, determined, and strong-willed. Her involvement with her brother`s Resistance Cell taught her courage, planning, and organization. Not wanting to leave things to chance, Awen has a back up plan for nearly everything. She is also adept at looking at situations and ideas in various ways and perceptives, allowing her to make good assessments.

Despite her somewhat skewed outlook on society, Awen has a kind soul deep down. She is very warm and friendly with her friends and family. Her loyalty and caring can sometimes be shown through her protectiveness of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests
Firmly believing in relaxation to calm and clear her mind, Awen enjoys meditation, writing or reading poetry, and singing. She has also studied and continues to practice several kinds of martial arts. While in the Resistance, Awen became skilled at hand-to-hand, knife, and small weapons combat. Her Academy training and time on the Athena also gave her experience with larger weapons.
Languages   Bajoran, Federation Standard, Cardassian, Ferengi
Father   Fala Korin
Mother   Fala Mira
Brother(s)   Jorak (2 years older than Awen - deceased), Nolis (3 years younger than Awen)
Sister(s)   None
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family  
Awen was born on July 18, 2351 on Bajor, the second of three children. Mira and Korin raised their children well and taught them to worship The Prophets. They firmly believed that the Prophets would help save them from the Cardassians.

From an early age Awen looked up to her older brother Jorak, so it was no suprise when she joined the Resistance shortly after him. While Mira, Korin, and Nolis felt that they should leave things to the Prophets, Jorak and Awen thought they should help things along to save their people. With the Resistance Awen learned hand to hand combat, strategic and tactical planning, basic piloting skills, and received some weapons training.

During an operation with their Resistance cell, Awen and Jorak were captured along with two others, one being Lirana Nira. They endured confinement for two months before coming up with an escape plan. It was risky, but they knew no other alternative existed. Just before dawn on a clear, cool morning Jorak and Awen put their plan into action. As they were about to escape, two Cardassian guards spotted them. Jorak engaged the first one, stabbing the guard in his side. He urged his only sister along, as he struggled. At first Awen followed her brother`s advice and ran, but looked back to see if he was coming. It was then that she witnessed Jorak`s death. Her eyes met his for a brief moment before he died; the Cardassians then turned to capture her, but she fled.

Awen laid low for a few days, pondering what to do. Staying on Bajor would mean almost certain death and she certainly couldn`t contact her family. Remembering that Lirana had a brother and sister, Awen looked for and found them. They were able to secure a shuttlecraft for her, and after creating a diversion, allowed Awen to escape. Days passed, until finally someone found her. The USS Dreamway picked her up, at whichpoint she claimed asylum. Hoping to one day return to help her people, Awen enrolled in Starfleet Academy.


Service Record
When Awen arrived at Earth, she enrolled in StarFleet Academy. Due to her time in the Resistance, she excelled in tactics, strategic planning, piloting, and combat skills. Also, Awen had acquired some skill in wound and combat trauma first aid. However, her interests drew her elsewhere. As a child, she had always been curious about the Celestial Temple, not only for its religious meaning to her people, but scientifically as well. Therefore, her thirst for scientific knowledge became her driving force in the Academy.

Through her courses, she became knowledgeable with sensor systems, astrophysics and astronomy. She picked up on warp and propulsion theory relatively well and was always near the top of her class. Scientific anomalies became a favorite course of Awen as she took advanced level training in the topic. Her professors were impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm surrounding wormhole theory, and were glad to see her thesis on them.

Following her graduation from StarFleet Academy, Awen was assigned to the USS Athena as a Science Officer, specializing in scientific anomalies. Their first mission was mainly scientific and Awen's knowledge and quick thinking helped them out of a few scrapes. Her captain was impressed and promoted her to Lieutenant JG while also making her Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Awen`s next mission took her to a race unknown to her. A war had been brewing between its people over the use of a wormhole in nearby space. A top official had been kidnapped and the Athena was sent in to help. When peace talks went in circles, the Athena`s CO ordered a small team to find and rescue the hostage. Knowing of Awen`s experience in a Resistance Cell, he sent her with the team. She was a natural leader in the situation and was able to retrieve the official with minor losses. Peace talks resumed afterwards and a compromise was made. For her efforts, Awen was promoted to Lieutenant and was transferred to the Security/Tactical department as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

The Athena`s next mission was again mainly diplomatic. However, her security force was well trained and excelled throughout the mission, maintaining order and preventing hostilities between the two parties from escalating to dangerous levels. While Awen enjoyed her new job, her love for science was ever present. After this mission, with encouragement from her Commanding Officer to follow her heart, she applied for a transfer, hoping to be able to return to Science. A month later, her transfer was approved to the USS Endurance as Chief Science Officer.

After waiting for the USS Endurance for two months on Deep Space 7, Awen grew restless. Once the first month had gone by she`d sent in a request for transfer to another ship - her talents useless without somewhere to use them. Unfortunately StarFleet requested she stay on DS 7 until they found a new assignment for her.

Finally, Awen received orders that she was to transfer to the USS Valiant, as Executive Officer and Chief Security/Tactical Officer. The position was surprising to her, but it was an assignment. The USS Serenity was to take her to Starbase 24 to rendezvous with the USS Valiant.

During Awen's first mission aboard the Valiant, StarFleet sent the vessel on a covert mission into the Romulan Neutral Zone. The ship was destroyed, but Awen, like most of the crew, was able to escape.

For the next few months, the Bajoran was shuttled between various Starbases waiting for an assignment. Eventually she was assigned to the USS Proteus as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Unfortunately this assignment wouldn't last either. After a few missions on the Luna class starship, Commander Coran and his crew were re-assigned elsewhere with little explanation.

Frustrated with the short assignments, Awen once again put in for a transfer to either Security/Tactical or Science. A short while later she was assigned to the USS Tethys as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.


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