Commander Christopher McNeil   

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Character Information
Name   Christopher Allen McNeil
Rank   Commander
Position   Chief Intelligence Officer
Second Position   Mission Advisor
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   33
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 2”
Weight   175 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Tall with dark hair and eyes and a medium-pale complexion, McNeil has the kind of face that seems familiar, but you just can't place where you've seen it. He doesn't stand out in a crowd and his only truly distinguishing feature is a scar on his arm, which is usually hidden by a tunic or jacket sleeve.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Soft-spoken and reserved, McNeil is naturally inquisitive and loves learning for its own sake. This makes him a natural information sponge. He often surprises friends by remembering minor details mentioned in passing many months or years before.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Memory retention, Infiltration skills

Weaknesses: Athletic Stamina
To "Learn all that is learnable."
Hobbies & Interests
3-D Chess, Reading, Historical studies, Cultural studies
Languages   Federation Standard, Klingonese, Rihannsu, Andorian, Cardassian, Bajoran
Father   James Christopher McNeil
Mother   Cheryl Irene McNeil
Brother(s)   None
Sister(s)   Emily Rose McNeil
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   None Known
Born on September 21st, 2352, Christopher Allen McNeil grew up on Earth and showed an early aptitude for Math and logic puzzles. Though he excelled in academics and got along well with his instructors, his peers largely ostracized him and he made very few friends. Due to this, Chris learned to fend for himself early in life, which would help him greatly later in life. Tragedy struck McNeil's life at a fairly young age when his parents and younger sister died in a hopper crash when he was 14.

McNeil then moved in with his aunt and uncle who lived nearby until he finished high school. He graduated 9th in his class with a 3.99 Grade Point Average. McNeil took a part-time job while in high school at a rare items shop where he would befriend Thomas Meyer, the rogue-ish brother of future-Admiral Antoine Meyer. A little more than a year after McNeil graduated Meyern decided to pursue other opportunities off-world and the shop's owner offered McNeil a management position and partial ownership of the shop because of his hard work and dedication. McNeil took a few days to consider the offer, but ultimately decided that the rare commodities trade wasn't really for him. He decided to follow the example of Tom's older brother and applied to Starfleet Academy . After a few weeks filled with exams, tests, and interviews, he was accepted to the Academy.

While at the academy McNeil found some of the acceptance he had always lacked as a child, but he still kept largely to himself. His natural ability to solve complex problems quickly was noted by several of his instructors and, though he was specializing in Helm and Tactical Ops, McNeil was encouraged to take many classes in advanced Science and Engineering fields. Always one to enjoy learning for the sake of knowledge, McNeil took most of the courses his instructors recommended.

McNeil never took much interest in sports beyond participating in unorganized recreational activities. During his spare time he read, played Tri-Dimensional Chess, and took long walks in the Academy Arboretum. As he progressed through his studies he began to excel in his elective courses in Engineering and Science, as well as scoring well in his Tactical and Security courses. He scored slightly below average in the piloting studies and decided to drop that course of study and focus on Tactical, with a 2nd specialization of Engineering.

McNeil graduated from the Academy 5th in his class overall, 1st in his course of study. Due to the political situation of the time, he was immediately assigned to the USS Reliant as a Tactical Officer. He served aboard the Reliant for a year before being re-assigned. He gained high praise from the Reliant's CO and XO for his abilities and attitude. Consequently, at the end of his tour of duty on the Reliant he was assigned as Assistant Chief of Security aboard the newly-established Terra Echo Base Five.

Two days before he was due to report for duty aboard TEB5, the station vanished with all hands and support craft aboard. McNeil was redirected to Starbase 386 to await further orders. No explanation was ever found for the base's disappearance, although many theorized that the base may have fallen victim to a similar fate as the USS Voyager.

While on 386, McNeil was approached by a member of Starfleet Intelligence, who offered him a position as a field operative. He agreed and was listed as being on "Detached Assignment" for the next two years. All information regarding that period of time is classified in the interest of Federation security.

Finally, in 2378, McNeil received orders to report to the USS Fairfax as Chief Intelligence Officer and Second Officer. He spent a year on the Fairfax and was commended for excellence in the performance of his duties before being reassigned again. When the Fairfax put into starbase for a refit in mid-2379, McNeil was reassigned to the USS Nagasaki as Chief Intelligence Officer.

He spent a few months on the Nagasaki before receiving orders to investigate a possible security threat to the Federation. He was officially still listed as being assigned to the Nagasaki, but as being Missing-In-Action in order to provide cover for his mission. During the course of his investigation he had to infiltrate a smuggling ring operating in the area of Starbase 249 for several weeks as he kept an eye on his suspect. Upon the conclusion of that assignment he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and sent to rendezvous with the USS Chin'toka to report aboard as their new Chief Engineer.

Working in Engineering was a bit of a switch for McNeil and it took him several weeks to settle into the position, especially as the missions the Chin’toka was assigned were very tumultuous, causing McNeil to spend a good amount of time away from the ship. Eventually, however, McNeil grew to enjoy the assignment and was sad when it ended.

He was re-assigned as an Attaché to Admiral Meyer after two years on the Chin’toka and spent the next three years assisting the Admiral with various bureaucratic and diplomatic matters, as well as being sent on fact-finding missions to worlds across the Federation. In mid-2385 McNeil was given orders to report to the USS Tethys as the ship’s new Chief Intelligence Officer, marking his first return to that post since leaving the Nagasaki 5 years previously.


Service Record
Year(s) Assignment Rank Duties
2371-5 Starfleet Academy Cadet Training Courses
2375-6 USS Reliant Ensign Tactical Officer
2376 Terra Echo Base 5 Lt, JG Assistant Chief of Security
2376-8 Detached Assignment Lt, JG Classified
2378-9 USS Fairfax Lt Chief Intelligence Officer & Second Officer
2379-80 USS Nagasaki Lt Chief Intelligence Officer
2380-82 USS Chin'toka Lt Cdr Chief Engineer
2382-85 Starbase 386 Lt Cdr Attaché to Admiral Meyer
2385- USS Tethys Lt Cdr Chief Intelligence Officer


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