Lieutenant Kiral   
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Character Information
Name   Kiral (Sollest Danar)
Rank   Lieutenant
Position   Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Maran
Age   30
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 6”
Weight   122 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Dirty Blonde
Physical Description   Kiral is well muscled from her training and is quite agile. She is 5'6" and weighs 122lbs. Many underestimate her strength and speed due to her small size, which can be quite advantageous. She has two scars - one above her left eye and one along her left side. Kiral has brown eyes; her dirty blonde hair is long and just slightly wavy.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Although she has a very friendly personality in general, Kiral can be quite intense at times. She is very determined and passionate about everything she does. Fiercely loyal, she would do anything for her friends and would stop at nothing to protect them. Respect is important to Kiral; she does what she can to make sure she herself is respectful, and that others are respectful to each other as well.

Very few people in StarFleet know her true birth name; she usually only tells very close friends whom she trusts. Her family does sometimes still refer to her by her birth name of Sollest, though.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests
As a Maran Knight, Kiral devotes much time to her training. She built her own firesaber shortly after becoming a Knight and has been known to spend hours in the Holodeck practicing. Kiral enjoys reading and meditating as well, as they are good exercises in clearing her mind. Painting and musical instruments are also among her interests. As expected, her friends are very important to her. She has been known to sacrifice much for them, just as she did for her family on Trellik III.
Languages   Maran, Federation Standard, Klingon, Bajoran, Vulcan, Romulan
Father   Tarek Danar
Mother   Sirlat Danar
Brother(s)   Lomar (6 years younger)
Sister(s)   Kierla (6 years younger)
Other Family  
Tarek and Sirlat Danar had their first daughter on the planet Maran on July 22, 2355, and named her Sollest. As was custom with the Marans, Sollest started combat training at a young age, already showing promise when her younger brother and sister were born in 2361. Kierla and Lomar, twins, looked up to their big sister. Sollest showed remarkable patience with her younger siblings, and even helped them with their combat training.

Both Sirlat and Tarek stressed to their children the values instilled in all Marans - the importance of honor, loyalty, friendship, and faith. Although Kierla and Lomar continued their combat training, they seemed more inclined to the religious aspect of life and took to studying about Maran Gods and Goddesses. Sollest, however, felt herself called to being a Maran Knight - a great honor which her father had attained. The only way to do this was to earn her way by committing an act of great bravery or some other form of worthy act.

Her chance came during a vacation with her mother and siblings. The four were visiting Trellik III while Tarek was on an assignment with the Maran Knights. In a seemingly deserted area of the planet, Sirlat, Kierla, and Lomar were attacked by some vicious natives. Sollest was able to catch the attackers by surprise and subdue them, saving her family. It was in this fight that she received her two scars.

Upon returning to Maran, Sollest was surprised to find that she was to be honored with the privilege of becoming a Maran Knight. As such, she chose a new name for herself, Kiral, which means "justice". Kiral was trained in the ways of the Knights - learning infiltration, martial arts of several cultures, advanced reflexes, and the use of a Firesaber. Seeing Kiral's abilities, the Queen asked her to take part in an officer exchange program with StarFleet. Although slightly hesistant at first, as she truly loved being among her people, Kiral agreed.


Service Record
In the officer exchange program, Kiral was first assigned as an intelligence officer on the USS Dreamseeker. She was given the rank of Acting Ensign, and worked on StarFleet coursework in between her shifts. While doing so, she was bounced around some between Security and Intelligence. Kiral's favorite was Intelligence, and she hoped to stay there. Being a quick learner, coupled with already having extensive knowledge in many subjects, Kiral excelled in her studies and was given the rank of Ensign.

During her time on the Dreamseeker, Kiral participated in various covert operations, obtaining important items and information. She was also crucial in some infiltration situations, and became skilled in encryption and decryption. Most of these operations were considered classified, and as such Kiral refuses to discuss them in any form of detail. Due to her accomplishments, she was given the Assistant Chief Intelligence position during her time on the USS Dreamseeker, with a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

After returning from another intelligence operation, Kiral was surprised to learn that she had been transferred to the USS Navajo as Chief Intelligence Officer. Her astonishment only grew as she found she was not the only Maran on the ship. Captain Blaze Dark, a fellow Maran Knight, was currently serving as Executive Officer. On the Navajo, Kiral's duties were slightly more limited, focusing more on information gathering and decryption. She didn't mind too much, though she did miss some of her former adventures.

This, however, was short-lived. On her second mission with the Navajo, Security teams were sent to a mysterious ship. Being largely overwhelmed by ghostly forces, anyone with Security or combat experience was asked to help. Kiral naturally stepped forward, offering her services. She was sent over immediately and asked to take command of one of the security teams. Though the team was in a very exposed spot upon her arrival, Kiral's quick thinking helped minimize losses and allowed the team to complete its objective.

For her efforts, Kiral was recognized by the Captain for bravery. She was offered a special position with the Security/Tactical department, but declined, wanting to stay in Intelligence. After a little convincing, she agreed to help out in an advisory capacity when time permitted.

A few short months later, Kiral received notice that she was being transferred to the USS Valiant. Saying goodbye to the Navajo, she went back to Maran for a short visit before going to meet up with her the USS Valiant. It was there that she first met Fala Awen, who was serving as the Valiant's Executive Officer and Chief Security/Tactical officer. The ship was unfortunately destroyed shortly thereafter, on their first mission, but the majority of the crew survived, Kiral and Awen included.

Over the course of the next few months, she was assigned to various short term posts before being assigned to the USS Proteus, along with Awen. However, this assignment was not to last either. After a few missions, Commander Coran and the USS Proteus crew were re-assigned.

Kiral requested a transfer to a vessel needing an Intelligence Officer; it wasn't long before she received word she would be transferred to the USS Tethys as Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer. Apparently fate had its own ideas about Kiral and Awen - Awen was assigned to the Tethys as well.


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