Petty Officer 2nd Class Mike Watters   
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Character Information
Name   Mike Watters
Rank   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Position   VIP Bodyguard
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 2”
Weight   175 lbs.
Eye Color   Blue
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Well fit and strongly built, Mike is the perfect image of a marine officer. Despite his years of combat experience, he maintains an appearance of fresh youth and vitality.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Unlike some marines, often heard about in rumors and gossip, Mike has a healthy respect for people of any profession. He cherishes life in its many forms and enjoys brightening the days of others, taking satisfaction in his self appointed role to improve the world around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Mike delights in order and security, making him a very organized individual. He uses his experience to help those around him and always searches for the best way to accomplish the task. Occasionally, a reminder of his childhood frustrations can surface, making him irritable and difficult to work with. When this happens, he tends to immerse himself in something that will restore order to his life, such as a holodeck training program.
Having seen the ravages of war, Mike has dedicated his career and life to preventing conflicts from escalating to the point of outright war.

On a smaller scale, Mike has considered settling down to start a family, but he fears that he will turn out just like his father...a fate he would not wish on any of his decedents.
Hobbies & Interests
Mike enjoys spending time in the holodeck or the ship's gym training and honing his skills. When not training, he enjoys performing very detailed, organized tasks such as cooking and model construction.
Languages   Federation Standard, choice Klingon phrases
Father   Major Devin Watters
Mother   Jean Olivea
Brother(s)   n/a
Sister(s)   n/a
Spouse   n/a
Children   n/a
Other Family   various relatives (see history)
Born in New London on Mars, Mike’s childhood was mostly spent being shunted from one relative to another. His father was a marine CO who shifted assignments constantly, never staying in one place too long. His mother left his father when he was just four years old, unwilling to take young Mike with her. Because of this, he held bitterness toward his mother that has carried throughout his childhood.

Because he moved around a lot, making friends at any one school was a difficult task. No sooner would he make friends than he would be shipped off to another relative. Each time, he became more and more frustrated. The young Mike began to act out by getting into trouble at school, leading up to a brawl at a local recreation facility in which Mike sent two teenagers to the hospital. Left with little alternative, Mike’s father relented to pressure and enlisted his son in the marine corps, hoping that maybe the order of the marines would help his son to straighten out.

Stability seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered. After the first few weeks of training, Mike realized that he could depend on his fellow marines and the routine of the day. It was only then that he began to focus his frustrated energies into constructive outlets. He joined the drill team and helped lead his team to several championships. Academically, his scores showed improvement. By the time he finished his training and received his first assignment, he had become a different person.

Immediately, he was assigned to the field in anticipation of the Dominion War. Already, the Klingons and Cardassians were at each others’ throats. Mike’s unit saw frequent deployments along the Federation border near Cardassian space to ensure the safety of Federation citizens. During a forced evacuation of the colony on Jentac IV, Mike successfully rescued a family that had been trapped in a collapsed building. He received commendation from his unit leader and was promoted to Private 1st Class.

The outbreak of the Dominion War meant constant deployment and redeployment of marine units across the front lines. Within the first week of the conflict, Mike’s unit suffered casualties that reduced their number to half. Most of them knew that this was not going to be a quick conflict, despite the optimism of Federation News Sources. After an unsuccessful withdrawal from Kelmer VI, Mike was reassigned to a speciality unit. His experience with search and recovery, as well as field combat techniques, was particularly useful during a recovery operation at the Urin Colony.

By the end of the war, Mike had earned several commendations and a field promotion to the rank of Sergeant. Things settled down a bit and Mike was assigned to one of many units that were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the Dominion carried out their end of the bargin. Along the way, Mike’s field unit participated in humanitarian efforts for numerous individuals that had been caught behind Dominion lines. The ravages of war were something that Mike would never forget. He knew then that his goal as a marine was not to fight wars, but to prevent them.

In 2384, Mike was assigned to the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Tethys. The Marine CO, Major Serafina Palacios, saw the merits of Mike’s experience and placed him in the second team as tactical specialist. His tour was relatively uneventful until 2385, when he participated in an away mission to an abandoned mining facility in the Golden Discontinuity. This was his first encounter with anything from the Mirror Universe and it disturbed him how cruel and inhumane the ‘other side’ seemed to be.

Shortly after the Tethys returned to Starbase 386, Major Palacios and the Marine Detachment were transferred away at the request of Commodore Iluvar. Mike petitioned Commander Earlond (and subsequently Lt. Awen) for permission to join the ship’s security department. Following a lengthy discussion and heaps of paperwork, Mike was assigned as VIP bodyguard aboard the Tethys.


Service Record
*Basic Training, Fort McCoy, Earth - Specialization in field combat techniques and unit strategy (2371)
*Field Deployment: Cardassian Border - Private (2371 to 2373)
*Field Deployment: Dominion War - Private 1st Class (2373 to 2375)
*Field Deployment: Restoration - Sergeant (2375 to 2384)
*Starship Assignment: USS Tethys - Sergeant (2384 to 2385)

*USS Tethys - Petty Officer 2nd Class, VIP Bodyguard (2385 to present)


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