Lieutenant JG Kevin Brown   

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Character Information
Name   Kevin Neil Brown
Rank   Lieutenant JG
Position   Chief Engineering Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   33
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 1”
Weight   180 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Kevin stands a good six foot one off the ground, he has a medium build and wavy black hair. He also has brown eyes that are his mothers and he has his fathers large nose. He likes to dress smartly and never goes out looking scruffy, also he is usually clean shaven and has no stubble or noticable marking on his face.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Kevin is a kind man, he is strong yet gentle. He will not harm anyone especially females, he is also rather outspoken and can sometimes get into trouble for voicing his concerns or thoughts. He is also a very private man, who would rather keep his emotions and feeling bottled up inside than rather talk to someone about it. He is also a strong leader and is good at working in a team, however if he doesn't like someone he will make sure they know someway.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Kevin has major strengths in Engineering and Science. He likes to see Engineering as his strong point as he can keep a ship together. Another strenght that he has is working with children as he has raised his only daughter by himself for six years.

His main weakness is that he is afraid of heights and can sometimes let this overwhelm him. He is also not very good at medical as he can sometimes be a bit squeemisha round sickbay, therefore he tries to avoid it unless necessary.
Kevin has a few ambitions that he wishes to fulfil. His main ambition is to climb the rank ladder in starfleet and one day command his own starship. Another main ambition is to raise his nine year old Daughter Charlotte after she lost her mother six years ago.
Hobbies & Interests
Kevins main intrest is designing new engines and new ways of powering starships. Some of his ideas were sent to Starfleet Command and were passed but thsoe were only minor improvements, however he also has an intrest in building model sailing boats for display and sailing purposes on the holodeck.

Languages   Federation basic
Father   Thomas Brown
Mother   Paula Brown
Brother(s)   Ryan Brown
Spouse   Samantha Brown (Deceased)
Children   Chatlotte Brown (Aged 10)
Other Family   None
Kevin was born in the UK in the heart of its capital city, London. He had his older brother Ryan to play with and look upto. The two got on very well as tey grew up in their city home. Their father was a local shopkeeper which sold traditional jewellerly from the Aplha Quadrent. Their mother was a primary school teacher and neither had any contact with starfleet at all.

Kevin soon attended the primary school that his mother worked at, he took a keen intrest in playing sports and running around playing during break time. Kevin was the average child, he grew up normally wanting to learn about the world and the space around it. When he graduated his primary school exams his results showed that he had taken an intrest in science and technology as he scored the highest in those two subjects.

In high school he set his eyes on becoming a Starfleet Admiral after one of them visited the school to talk about Starfleet careers. After years of wanting to go into starfleet he was told he had to take a specific path, Medical, Engineering, Operations etc. Kevin chose Engineering as it loked fun and involved technology.

Kevin graduated High School with distinctions in Science and Engineering/Technology. He packed his bags with a smile as he was sent straight off to Starfleet Preperation College. There he enrolled into the Engineering academy and studied starship Engineering for two years till he was eighteen and enrolled into Starfleet academy, once again taking up Engineering and a minor Science subject.

At the Academy he met a girl called Samanatha who was also in his engineering class. Over the four years they grew a steady and stable relationship and kevin eventually asked her out on a date. When they graduated together at the age of 22, they decided to get married and start a family some day. They were married within three weeks and six months later, just after Kevins twenty third birthday Samantha announced that she was pregnant.

Kevin was excited and over the moon about finally been a father. They both signed onto the USS Londontown a Galaxy Class ship as it was suitable for raising families and had Engineering positions open. Kevin and Samantha soon had a Daughter, they named her Charlotte after Samantha's mother. For three years they lived and served aboard the Londontown. Unforutunately the ship was attacked by the Dominion and the Engineering section was badly damaged. Samantha was killed in the attack and Charlotte was badly hurt, as so was Kevin.

The ship was de-commisioned and Kevin had to deal with his loss of his wife on another ship. He was assigned to the USS Proclaimer an Ambassador class vessel as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer. He brought Charlotte with him too so that he could be a good father to her. After five years of service he was transfewred over to the USS Poland for four years as their Chief Engineer.

Kevin liked the sovereign class vessel and thought of it as his own little baby. However he was also being a responsible father to Charlotte. Now at the age of thirty two and a nine year old daughter too, he decided to transfer over to the USS Tethys as their Chief Engineer as the vessel was more powerful than the sovereign anf it seemed more of a challenge.


Service Record
2369-2373 Starfleet Academy

2373-2376USS Londontown

2376-2381 USS Proclaimer

2381-2385 USS Poland


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