Zander Whyte   
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Character Information
Name   Zander Munro Whyte
Position   FNS Reporter
Gender   Male
Species   Human/Betazoid
Age   24
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 11”
Weight   140 lbs.
Eye Color   Blue
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Zander dresses in several different manners as a result of his job. Often dressed to impress if he is meeting with Starfleet brass or dressed casually. He is usually found dressed in a manner that befits the person he is talking to.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Zander used to be the epitome of a typical Starfleet drop-out. Intelligent but lacking in drive until he discovered his calling in the FNS.

His jovial nature disguises an over-arching desire to discover the truth and ask the difficult questions. He keeps his Betazoid half to himself as he feels that the ability to feel emotions, however slight, gives him a massive edge when trying to pursue a story.
Strengths & Weaknesses
- Sympathetic Ear (often says he's more trustworthy than a confessional)
- Has an uncanny knack for noticing the slightest 'tell'.
- Very persistent.
- Knowledge of basic command procedures.
- 3rd Year Cadet level Starfleet Training (is adept in most usual functions)


- Feels a small amount of resentment towards 'ambitious' staff. Born of jealousy. Is easily overcome.
- Is quick to anger and can invoke hostility.
To be respected by, not only his peers, but the people he interacts with in his job.
Hobbies & Interests
- Writing Holonovels
- Writing Holo-simulations
- Journalism
- Football (soccer)
- 20th/21st Century Sitcom
- Classic Rock n' Roll
Languages   Romulan, Ferengi, Klingon (Basic), Federation Standard
Father   Mark Whyte
Mother   Mary Whyte
Sister(s)   Danielle Whyte
Other Family  
Born in the Donetsk, Ukraine, Zander was known locally as the 'next big thing' for Starfleet. The only problem was that Zander had no intention of going to the Academy. He had issues with authority at school but was accepted to the Academy after his Father applied for him and ensured he came highly recommended.

He was always interested in journalism and was known at school as one of the most inquisitive children there. He was known for writing exposes on his teachers and fellow classmates.

He received a letter of recommendation from a number of Starfleet commanding officers who were suitably impressed with his aptitude tests. He managed to get through the first three years of Starfleet Academy successfully despite not being motivated to be there. When he was picking his dissertation topic when he decided he could not take anymore. He wanted to be aboard Starships but without the responsibility of being an officer & having to take care of so many people.

After doing a post-graduate course for the Federation News Service he was sent to Starbase Ronin as an associate reporter. It was there he remained until he uncovered a smuggling ring coming in and going out of the Starbase involving lower-ranking security and operations personnel on the station.

His abilities to feel certain emotions has served him fantastically well as he has the ability to feel whether he is being lied to which allows him to guide his questions.

He remained on the Starbase until the call of deep space beckoned to him and he applied for a transfer to the USS Tethys.


Service Record
2381: Left Starfleet Academy during 3rd year.
2381: Joined the Federation News Service.
2382: Assigned to Starbase Ronin as a reporter.
2384: Reassigned to Starbase 386 on Temporary Assignment.
2385: Transferred aboard TF22 Flagship USS Tethys.


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