Ensign Velia Moretti   

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Character Information
Name   Velia Lia Moretti
Rank   Ensign
Position   Intelligence Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   24
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   155 lbs.
Eye Color   Hazel
Hair Color   Brunette
Physical Description   Velia has a commanding presence about her. She has perfect posture and fluid movements. While in uniform her dark hair is always tightly secured in a sleek ponytail.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Anyone who didn’t know her would think she was anti-social. She has her own brand of dark humor which sometimes surfaces at inconvenient times. She believes that rules and regulations are in place for a reason and should be followed, except she doesn’t always think this applies to her. She loves intellectual conversation and debate, but shies away from sharing personal information. She has a strong competitive nature and is known for being a sore loser. Overtly social people annoy her.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths ~ She is focused, sometimes to the point of tunnel vision. She will follow orders to the letter, but believes that the ends justify the means. Her fierce loyalty and unwavering belief in the Federation drive her to strive for perfection in everything she does. She has a good sense about the weaknesses of others, which she is not shy about exploiting to suit her purposes.

Weaknesses ~ Velia harbors in intense distrust of people she doesn’t know, and a slight distrust of the ones that she does. She views this as a casualty of her career and isn’t bothered by it. This makes it hard for her to form bonds with anyone, leaving her social and personal life lacking.
Velia’s only ambition is to constantly become better at what she does. Her ‘live in today because there may not be a tomorrow’ outlook doesn’t afford her the opportunity to make long term goals.
Hobbies & Interests
Etymology, Mythology (Earth, specifically Greek, Roman and Native American), reading, poker, billiards, people watching, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Languages   Federation Standard, Italian, Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian, Romulan, various Elyshan dialects
Father   Abramo Moretti
Mother   Abrielle (Romano) Moretti
Brother(s)   Giorgio Moretti, Carlo Moretti, Dante Moretti
Other Family   Aunts: Eloisa Romano, Alcee Romano, Sophia Romano, Gia (Moretti) Giavalli; Uncle: Michel Giavalli
Velia was born into a strict Italian household. Where in some cases being the only daughter would put a spotlight on her, it was not the case. She was often overshadowed by her brothers, who were more than happy to protect her from others yet made her the target of their superiority complexes. Her father and mother were not givers of affection or nurturing. The Moretti children were expected and forced to be self sufficient. At school Velia did well, at home she felt lost. As she grew older she suspected that her father was not loyal to her mother, a suspicion that proved to be accurate. That, combined with her father’s stringent iron-handed rule of his household, proved to her that even family could not be trusted and that loyalty was a pretense that people used to make themselves feel more comfortable. It also bred disrespect for her mother, since Velia couldn’t begin to fathom what would make a woman turn the other cheek to such things. Growing up with three brothers compelled her to learn self defense physically and emotionally. Feelings were just weaknesses that could be used against you. She vowed to herself that she would never be a weak ignorant housewife, nor would she let others take advantage of her.

When she came of age to leave the house, she did. She joined the Starfleet Academy to escape, liking the structure it offered. Her ability to see situations from many angles as well as finding the soft spots in them made her a prime candidate for intelligence work.

Velia’s first interest upon entering the Academy was psychology. It didn’t take her long to realize that psychology was nothing more than a way for people who were too weak to face their problems to feel better about themselves. Not long into her first set of classes, Velia came to the conclusion that she was not a nurturer. Naturally curious, yes; but she had no desire to hold the hand of a stranger, or anyone else for that matter, while they retraced paths of bitter regret and poisoned self pity. She was of the opinion that some people simply just could not be helped, and spending the better part of her life looking for answers that didn’t exist did not appeal to her. She took a slight detour on the road to graduation and found herself upon the doorstep of a career in Intelligence.

Once she immersed herself into her classes, Velia essentially had tunnel vision. Her grades did not reflect her focus however. She was not a poor student, but she did not stand apart from the masses. She was quite content to be one of the nameless faceless cadets, and often wondered if it didn’t take more work to blend in than it would have to stand out. Even though she didn’t allow it to be seen in class settings, she found she had a talent for symbolism in ancient cultures, specifically on Earth. She also became interested in cryptography, awed by the many uses it had, and the different levels of difficulty. She discovered she had the ability to spot patterns in numbers, especially Elyshan encrypts.

While Velia refused to be separated from the typical Starfleet cadet academically, she also refused to integrate into any group socially. She found most of the other cadets unbearable in one way or another, holding a special distaste for pilots. To her, the whole group dynamic was just a little too close to a pod mentality. Never one to go along with what someone else was doing just for the sake of going along she learned to enjoy her own company. This gave her a lot of extra time to pursue her own personal interests like taking Jiu Jitsu and learning meditation techniques.


Service Record
USS Tethys ~ Intelligence Officer - 2385


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