Lieutenant Mia Drake   
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Character Information
Name   Mia Michela Drake
Rank   Lieutenant
Position   Chief Science Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human/El Aurian
Age   109
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 9”
Weight   155 lbs.
Eye Color   Grey/green
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Mia has jet black hair and a piercing stare, very much like her mother. She tends to keep it relatively short, slicked down to stay out of her way. Her lithe body is mostly the product of her passion for dancing than from any intensive workout program.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Mia is methodical and precise but capable of great leaps of logic in emergency situations. She has an excellent grasp of the 'big picture', however she admits to being less than an expert in the area of tactics. She has a strong aversion to weapons of any kind, but is capable of using them with skill when necessary. She has an intuitive sense that tells her when to back off and let people do their jobs. Her natural curiosity, extensive experience and intuitive intelligence give Drake a unique perspective on scientific problems, allowing her to think 'outside the box'. Mia has not really given relationships much thought, being far more dedicated to her career and to the gaining and sharing of knowledge.
Strengths & Weaknesses
- Intelligent and intuitive
- Steadfast and loyal
- Near infinite patience
- Strict adherence to the principles of Starfleet and the Federation, as well as to the scientific process
- an almost childlike wonder about the universe around her

- Strong aversion to weapons and violence
- Often bucks politics and procedure to get through to scientific truth
- Can be a workaholic at times
She wishes to someday command a small science vessel of her own, but only if it allows her the chance to study the amazing and complex universe around them.
Hobbies & Interests
Reading, dancing, chess, gardening, painting
Languages   Federation Standard, Ancient Shatabe, El Aurian, Vulcan, French
Father   Matthew Drake
Mother   Kristianna Masakari
Sister(s)   Aya Masakari (Adopted sister)
Other Family  
2282: Mia Robyn Drake was born to Kristianna Masakari and Matthew Drake. Born in Salem, Massachusetts on Earth, Mia grew up with the stories of her parents' days in Starfleet, instilling a passion for discovery at an early age. She quickly established herself as exceptionally bright, and often spent her childhood days buried in books of all kinds.

2300: At the age of eighteen, Mia won a scholarship to the University of New Athens, and with her parent's blessing she began her studies in Advanced Theoretical Physics, having long ago decided that her place was in the sciences. Her parents, for their part, did not pressure her in any direction, trusting their daughter to know where her heart lay. However they were surprised that she had decided not to attend Starfleet Academy. Mia has always felt that her father was secretly disappointed, but, as her mother would point out, the young girl was half El-Aurian, and would have plenty of time to explore that avenue if she decided to in future.

2310: Mia Drake achieved her Doctorate in Advanced Theoretical Physics through the Vulcan Science Academy, something she is very proud of, though it came at the cost of a social life during her time at the Academy. Later that same year, Dr. Mia Drake arrived at Hagres II Centre for Subspace Physics Research to begin her work as a member of the civilian research team there. Over the next few years, Dr. Drake and the team began to discover startling evidence that indicated starship warp drives were having a significant impact on the surrounding space, even affecting areas as deep as subspace. Further investigation by the research team showed that in certain areas along high traffic routes, the barrier between space and subspace was deteriorating at a much faster rate. This was to be expected because of the greater exposure to warp fields. Starfleet Command and the Federation Council were hesitant to accept these findings because of the effect it would have on space travel in general.

2319: Mia was offered an Associate Professorship in Subspace Physics at the University of New Athens. She enjoyed her time there, publishing several papers and once again leading the cause for reducing high warp speeds until the damage to the fabric of subspace could be properly assessed.

2330: Drake returned to the Vulcan Science Academy to study her other passion, Biochemistry. What started out as study for personal benefit ended up with her achieving her second Doctorate degree. This effort was immensely rewarding but left the young woman mentally exhausted and upon graduation she decided to take time off to travel and work on another of her passions, zero-g ballet.

2342: When an offer came from Starfleet Academy to become a Civilian Instructor, Mia realized that she had been handed a unique opportunity and jumped at it. For the next twenty-two years she instructed Starfleet cadets in the sciences and the joys of discovery, and it was during this time that she began to wonder if perhaps Starfleet could offer the young woman a new challenge.

2364: First Contact with the Q Continuum shook Starfleet Command to its foundations, and they scrambled to appropriate any new sources of information they could find on these enigmatic beings. When it was discovered that El Aurians appeared to have a 'genetic' memory of the Q, Mia was asked to be part of a special research project. This led to her becoming a Special Scientific Adviser to Starfleet Command, a position she would hold for the next six years.

2370: The decision to join Starfleet was a surprising easy one for Mia, as she had watched so many brave young beings venture out into the universe. Armed with her immense experience and the stories from her parents, Mia enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Finding herself on the other side of the lecture hall was a new and refreshing experience, and she reveled in the challenge. This was tested however in the more combat-oriented areas of her training, something she struggled with heavily. While she did pass her tests and scenarios, they left her feeling troubled and were far from second nature to her. To this day she has an aversion to phasers.

2375: Upon graduation from the Academy, Mia had shipped out to a posting on the Ba'ku cultural observation team as a junior observer when Starfleet Academy was attacked by the Breen. The event left her shaken as she missed the attack by less than forty-eight hours. She does not readily speak of the event. As a member of the observation team, she was under the command of Lieutenant Curtis, the team leader and attaché to Vice Admiral Dougherty. While most of her time was spent compiling and assessing data gathered by the field teams, Mia did make occasional forays out into the field in an isolation suit to gather her own data. Upon the investigation and subsequent uncovering of the conspiracy by Captain Picard of the Enterprise, a now horrified Mia Drake was transferred to Enterprise before being returned to Earth. The entire matter left the young woman disillusioned and unsure of her decision to join Starfleet. She took the following year to spend time with her mother and newly adopted sister Aya to rethink her future.

2378: Mia Drake decided that it would be wrong to paint all of Starfleet with the same brush, and that while the Ba'ku fiasco was deplorable, it was not the overriding policy of the Fleet. She returned to active duty aboard the USS Ptolemy as a Science Officer, a position that offered her much opportunity in the way of field research. During this time she was able to publish a paper she had started in the Academy: "Biochemical Processes and Structural Attributes of the Andorian Respiratory System" for which she was recognized by several esteemed research organizations.

2383: When the new Luna class was launched, Mia was one of the first to put in for reassignment to the exploration vessel. Competition was fierce, and she failed in her attempt to be assigned to the USS Titan, but was assured that she would be given full consideration when a new Luna class was ready. In the meantime she took assignment at Starbase 117 as Assistant Chief Science Officer, a posting that was good for her career but uninspiring for the ambitious young woman. Her avenues for ground breaking research were quite limited on the Starbase, despite its high-profile position in the fleet.

2385: The launch of the USS Pandora under the command of Rear Admiral Iluvar gave Mia the opportunity she had searched for for the last two years. It's mission of exploration, along with the most advanced scientific facilities available in Starfleet make the Pandora the ideal posting for Mia Drake.


Service Record
2300-08: University of New Athens, Masters Degree, Advanced Theoretical Physics
2308-10: Vulcan Science Academy, Ph.D, Advanced Theoretical Physics
2310-19: Hagres II Centre for Subspace Physics Research, Civilian Researcher
2319-29: Professorship, University of New Athens, Subspace Physics
2330-37: Vulcan Science Academy, Ph.D, Biochemistry
2338-42: Personal Leave
2342-64: Starfleet Academy, Civilian Instructor
2364-70: Starfleet Command, Scientific Advisor
2370-75: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2375-76: Ba'ku homeworld, Junior Observer
2376-77: Personal Leave
2378-83: USS Ptolemy, Science Officer
2383-85: Starbase 117, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2385-Pres: USS Pandora, Chief Science Officer


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