Ensign Myrin Nezar   
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Character Information
Name   Myrin Nezar
Rank   Ensign
Position   Counselor
Gender   Male
Species   Trill (Joined)
Age   23
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 4”
Weight   165 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Myrin is almost classically handsome. Tall and dark with clear brown eyes, he is perpetually too thin. Although physically fit, he doesn’t look it and this inconsistency gives him a certain advantage that he does not shy from using. Not one to stand out in a crowd, Myrin doesn’t make an effort to draw attention to himself. Nevertheless, he doesn’t maintain a strict or hard disposition and is easy to approach. He has a seductive half-smile and knows it.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Easy going, Myrin uses his friendliness to great advantage both as a counselor and as a Starfleet officer. Nevertheless, this confident openness is as much of a cover as the cold sarcasm of others. A bit of an isolationist, Myrin would much prefer an evening with a good combat program than a night out, but rarely shows this side of himself. He is not a modest man, taking open pride in his accomplishments that sometimes comes off as arrogance. Since joining, he has become a bit of a ladies man.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Myrin learned at an early age how to read people and is almost an expert in the field. A creative mind, he is good at thinking outside the box, which is only part of what makes him a good counselor. Physically fit, he is good in a fight and is an expert in martial arts and small arms. In part because of his symbiote, he is superb at keeping a cool head in a crisis. He has always been ambitious and is constantly challenging himself, trying to expand his knowledge and expertise.

On the other side of the coin, Myrin sometimes has trouble really connecting with people. Not because he doesn’t like them but because he has a great deal of trouble respecting them, a problem that has become worse since joining with the Nezar symbiote. Perhaps an unusual trait in a counselor, he blames this tendency entirely on his profession for allowing him to understand people more than they usually understand themselves. Although he is a man of action, Myrin sometimes over-thinks things and struggles with difficult decisions. Rarely inactive, he drives himself too hard and burns himself out. He is not technically inclined.
Myrin is constantly seeking to improve himself, both mentally and physically. Specifically, he would like to become Chief Counselor some day and maybe even command his own ship. Personally, he would like to experience the zhian'tara and publish a book of photographs. He doesn't like children but would like to get married.
Hobbies & Interests
Myrin finds people fascinating and reads a variety of psychology and sociology magazines regularly when he isn’t sitting in the mess observing his fellow crewmates. He is almost addicted to martial arts and small arms, using a number of combat programs to unwind after a hard day.

Outside those that come hand-in-hand with his job, he has a wide array of interests, many of which came with his symbiote. Before joining he could never be bothered with history, but since joining it has become a closet interest, specifically ancient Cardassian and Romulan. He has recently taken up holo-photography and likes to write holo-novels when he finds someone competent with the technology to help out. He also loves football/soccer, usually playing goalie and is always ready for a game.
Languages   Federation Standard, Trill, Ancient Cardassian, Cardassian, Romulan, Bajoran.
Father   Zarlof Fiske
Mother   Jyla Fiske
Other Family  
Myrin was born on Trill, the child of two researchers at the Science Institute, he had ambitions from a young age to become a Guardian for the symbiotes. An introverted child, Myrin worked hard to overcome this by joining group sports and throwing himself into athletics. By twelve, Myrin had self-tutored his way into popularity, but with flagging grades it wasn’t looking likely that his dream would come to fruition. After speaking with a counselor he decided to really apply himself and managed to excel in most of his studies and although he never loved maths or sciences, his perseverance helped him to bring his grades up. Nevertheless, after several years and much improvement he was denied entry into the Guardian apprenticeship program and was left adrift.

Using his much-loved martial arts and football to stay active, at sixteen Myrin fell into a slump, drifting through with little direction which led to his only bout of serious depression. However an offhand comment from a teacher gave him the idea that he might be an appropriate applicant to the symbiosis commission and Myrin quickly became infatuated with the idea. With a renewed sense of direction, Myrin re-applied himself and finished his primary education with honours. Almost simultaneously he became interested in Starfleet and seriously considered enlisting. His parents, however, in a rare act of interference, convinced him to apply to the Academy and he was accepted on his second try.

Myrin loved the Academy, almost immediately finding a niche for himself in security, where he focused on criminal investigations. However, after his second year at the Academy, he decided that a career in counseling was more suited to him. Using his interpersonal and investigative skills to help people solve their personal problems rather than investigating the crimes of anti-socials. After his final year at the Academy, the symbiosis committee assigned him to a field docent, Ariaz Lien, the CO of Deep Space 4, where he simultaneously took up a post for much needed on the job training.

Ariaz took to Myrin quickly and both supported his application for a symbiote and became a mentor for the young man. Their mentor-student relationship gradually blossomed into a close friendship and Myrin began to think of her as the sister he never had. When Myrin was finally joined with the Nezar symbiote in 2384, Ariaz was the one who helped him through the initial rough steps.

Being joined was one of the most important moments in Myrin’s life. A young symbiote, Nezar had only two hosts before him, Elina and Nali, both historians and both women. Nali in particular was well known for her work in Cardassian archaeology and Myrin spent the first few years of his life dodging historians who expected him to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps. More jarring for Myrin was having to get used to his own body again and this strange sense contributed to his womanizing, a tendency that has settled down significantly over the past year. Eventually, he came to enjoy both his relationship with the symbiote and the new interests and memories it brought.


Service Record
2379 – Entrance to the Academy
2383-2385 – Assistant Counselor, Deep Space 4
2385 – Assistant Counselor, USS Tethys


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