Commander Earlond   

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Character Information
Name   Earlond
Rank   Commander
Position   Executive Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   29
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 3”
Weight   175 lbs.
Eye Color   brown
Hair Color   brown
Physical Description   Earlond is a nondescript person, able to blend into almost any crowd. An alien attack left him scarred, most of which is covered by the full clothing that Earlond wears; either he is in uniform, or he is in a nondescript tunic that covers the remains of his scarring.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Earlond is not outgoing; he rarely offers his thoughts, unless asked or ordered to do so. However, his time serving under Iluvar has caused him to be slighly more open with others - he might say "Hello" before the other person.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Earlond is a general all-rounder in his abilities. He is a more than competent combatent, especially hand-to-hand, and his tactical skills are not lacking, either. Because of his early background, his forte is personal combat and he has unique (though rarely used) skills in extracting information from unwilling subjects.

Weaknesses: One of Earlond's more prominant weaknesses is his 'social life', which many would call non-existant. The majority of his time spent with others is strictly business, and he often comes off as intimidating because of his demeanor. Earlond also has many internal struggles, including morality issues about his past and some early loyalty problems (though he questions his loyalty much less after two years under Iluvar).
Earlond's original ambitions were to one day become an Executive Officer, though he did not wish to hold a command of his own unless it was a small crew. More than this, though, was the desire to find who the aliens were that had attacked his scout vessel.

Now, however, having found new purpose under Iluvar while fulfilling the first of his ambitions, Earlond's desire for vengeance has become one of less importance - mere curiosity. Still, though he could apply for a command of his own, he is still reluctant to leave his current crew.
Hobbies & Interests
Earlond two main interests are pesonal combat and information. He spends hours each day training in both hand-to-hand combat and weapons combat (anything from knives and bat'leths to phaser rifles, compression rifles, and heavier weapons). He also runs advanced combat classes aboard ship, mostly for senior officers.

When not on the holodeck or in the gym while off-duty, Earlond is in his office perusing reports of various sources he's gained over the years. He likes to know as much as possible, believing that any little bit of information can be used as a tactical advantage.
Languages   Federation Standard is Earlond's preference, but he is well-versed in many.
Father   Adam
Mother   Riah
Brother(s)   none
Sister(s)   Katherine (23, Ensign, Medical Officer, USS Horatio)
Spouse   none
Children   none
Other Family   N/A
Born on Earth, Earlond has always known that he would be in Starfleet. From a young age, he began studying to enter the academy, which he finally qualified to enter. After taking a series of rigorous courses, Earlond graduated and was assigned to a small scout vessel patroling the edge of Federation space.

After a year of near-inactivity, the scout ship was suddenly attacked by an alien vessel. All but Earlond were killed in the battle, and Earlond just managed to jump to warp. However, the vessel was heavily damaged and was unable to sustain warp, so it dropped back out well outside of mainstream Federation territory.

Earlond managed to make repairs over the following three days, reinitiating the warp drive with enough power to return to the nearest Federation starbase. Upon reaching the starbase, Earlond was debriefed by the commanding officer. When Starfleet learned of the run-in with the strange alien ship, they commended Earlond for his actions in saving his ship and information about the attackers, promoting him to the rank of Lieutenant JG as a result.

The aliens that Earlond had met were not seen again, but a team of specialists was gathered to study what information they had. Earlond's data had shown powerful weapons systems, and Starfleet wanted to be ready if they met another hostile race. Earlond and his team were given specialized training so that they would need no preparation time if the aliens were seen again.

After Earlond's training was complete, he was assigned to the USS Tethys and ordered not to reveal the information and training that had been imparted to him, except to his CO under direct order.

Following a disasterous away mission relating to a group known only as the Organization in which fellow crewman Ensign Logan Banks was seriously injured, Earlond was stripped of rank and placed in the brig. He was reinstated when his actions helped to save the lives of both Ensign Banks and Lieutenant T'Laura Ramsey. In addition, he was instrumental in stopping one of the masterminds behind the plot, Carl Desrock.

For his service aboard the Tethys, and his actions above and beyond the call of duty, Earlond was asked by commanding officer, Commodore Iluvar, to fill the role of Executive Officer, following their return from the Mirror Universe.


Service Record
Early Record - CLASSIFIED

USS Tethys - LT JG, Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tethys - Lieutenant, Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tethys - LT Cmdr, Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tethys - Commander, XO


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