Crewman Oliver Patterson   
[ Non-Playing Character ]

Character Information
Name   Oliver Patterson
Rank   Crewman
Position   CO's Yeoman
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   21
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 2”
Weight   165 lbs.
Eye Color   blue
Hair Color   brown
Physical Description   Oliver?s slimness makes him look taller than he his. Pale skinned and slightly gaunt looking, he gives the impression that he has continuous health problems, although on the contrary, he is at the height of fitness. His straight brown hair always looks messy and unkempt.
His looks cover a somewhat nervousness that comes from his occasional self-doubt, something he picked up during his childhood from his rough home environment.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
This young man wasn't always known as the best or the brightest, but he worked hard to make it to where he is today. Having dropped out of Starfleet in his first year, Oliver spent time searching for a career on his Earth homeworld however, during these early years; he demonstrated a true lack of self-confidence and self esteem.

He eventually found solace in books, particularly old science fiction and the works of H G Wells and A C Clarke. Oliver found that books and paper easily became his friends and his self study became almost an obsession.
Strengths & Weaknesses
While he is quite accomplished, his failure to complete Starfleet Academy caused a cold divide between him and his father. This has resulted in Oliver's lack of self-confidence and a withdrawn nature that has pushed him to the edge of society. He will back down from any sort of confrontation and his passiveness to others can appear some-what concerning. He is a loner.

His main strength is that he is a mine of information and has a very high IQ. His administrative skills are second to none, although he takes no pride for this.
No matter what he ends up being, he wants to help people. Because of his nervous outlook, he feels that he can never amount to more than serving another officer and therefore has little ambition for himself.
Hobbies & Interests
Oliver enjoys building models and spending time on the holodeck. This is perhaps associated with his withdrawn nature.

His main love is books and when he is not on the holodeck, he can be found with his head in a book.
Languages   Federation Standard English, some German
Father   Vice Admiral Patterson - Utopia Planetia
Mother   Marie Patterson
Other Family   Oliver has aunts and uncles but family ties are not a priority with him and he has maintained no contact with them since he left home. An important negative influence in his life is his grandmother from his father?s side.
Born the only child to Vice Admiral Greg and Marie Patterson in London England, Oliver was raised mainly by his mother and grandmother in a prestigious area of the city. His father spent a great deal of time away from home either at Starfleet headquarters or aboard a federation vessel somewhere in the vast expanse of space.

As a child, Oliver wanted for nothing that was of a materialistic nature but having an overprotective mother and grandmother, he would yearn for friendships and the company of other children but this was not to be as even his schooling and education was taken over by the two women in his life. Unknown to his father, the grandmother had turned into a tyrant and would severely punish Oliver as and when she pleased.
Later on in his early teenage years, Oliver became critically depressed and the once healthy young man became withdrawn and the weight-loss that followed began to give him the appearance of a very sickly and nervous individual.

At 17, his father, Vice Admiral Patterson decided that it was Starfleet?s job to turn Oliver?s life around and he was enlisted at Starfleet Academy under his father?s reputation alone.

Oliver never fitted in at the Academy and the pressures of the daily routines and the persistent social contact was too much for him resulting in him dismissing himself from his father?s Academy sponsorship.
His father, having invested his reputation on Oliver becoming an officer in Starfleet, never accepted his ?drop-out? son as from that date and they have refused to speak to each other since.

Oliver turned to his love of reading books to get him through the first difficult year of leaving the Academy and his father cut all financial support for him. This in turn led him into accepting minor Administration positions. Oliver found that he excelled at this type of work and he soon became a much sort after resource.

Feeling guilt at disappointing his father, Oliver decided to channel his skills into Starfleet, hoping to make up for his previous failings and he accepted positions onboard ships and starbases.


Service Record
Starfleet Academy - dropout
USS Intrepid - Yeoman
Starbase 412 - Support Staff
USS Tethys - CO's Yeoman


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