Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans   

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Character Information
Name   Michael Robert Evans
Rank   Lieutenant Commander
Position   Chief Medical Officer
Second Position   Second Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human/Vulcan
Age   30
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 9”
Weight   150 lbs.
Eye Color   Deep Green
Hair Color   Auburn
Physical Description   Distinguishable from full-blooded humans only by his pointed ears, his deep green eyes and auburn hair (neatly parted) compliment his fair skin tone well. His build is somewhat slighter than medium and he walks with a smooth gait.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Michael is caring and quietly adventurous. He has a gentle spirit, and while not boldly flamboyant about it he gets a great thrill in exploration and discovery and feels greatly excited when presented with the new and unknown.

Michael enjoys knowledge and finds it difficult to refrain from sharing. This unfortunately causes him to come across often as a know-it-all or as arrogant. But this is not the case, he just wants others to share in his excitement and wonder of the universe.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Michael is intellectually curious having inherited his father's keen mind. While this makes him an excellent scientist he has been known to neglect his health from time to time when working on a particularly interesting project. His curiosity has also been known to get him into trouble on occasion due to scientific and intellectual distractions.

This is not to say that he isn't dependable in an emergency; quite the contrary. His mental focus allows him to keep his cool and organize his thoughts in the most trying of situations. Some see him as actually being rather cold during more intense moments and passionate situations. This is not the case as he actually feels quite compassionate regarding all sentients and feels a deep love towards individuals, though it is almost never expressed.

His intellectual nature has, of course, affected his social life. While not necessarily inept at social encounters, he simply sees himself as more of an outsider at social gatherings preferring to observe more than interact and keeping his social life confined to a few close friends. This, of course, means that he usually prefers to work in very small groups rather than in larger teams.

Content with his work, he desires only the authority to get the job done in the manner that he sees as the most appropriate. His persuits are more intellectual than rank-driven and hopes to one day be recognized as a respectable authority in his field.

While career-minded, he does hope to eventually find time for a family... when the time is right.

He has recently chosen to explore career possibilities in command.
Hobbies & Interests
He enjoys music and will often be caught humming while at his work. In private he plays an old Earth instrument from the early Renaissance period called a Recorder. He also enjoys cooking and sampling various alien cuisine. He loves a good book, but doesn't say no to an exciting holonovel. He keeps himself fit (when he remembers to do so) through spelunking and swimming. He also has a passing interest in multimedia art forms and can sometimes be found holosculpting. Being half vulcan he is, of course, sensetive to telepathy and can initiate a mind meld; but his skill is rudimentary as he has not yet found a need or the desire to hone this particular talent.

Through Posts it has become known that history is not one of his strong suits.
Languages   Federation Common
Father   T'Ben Kallus of Vulcan
Mother   Nicole Evans
Other Family   Grandfather Caradoc Evans
Michael Robert Evans is half vulcan and half human. His human mother had a consensual relation with her vulcan coworker T'Ben Kallus during a deep space assignment on a civilian science vessel. His mother says that during the voyage the vulcan entered the pon far unexpectedly early and she consented to an intimate encounter in order to save his life.

She never insisted upon T'Ben following up with fatherly duties and T'Ben's thoughts on this are unknown. Nicole has not had contact with T'Ben since. Michael kept his Welsh mother's surname since he never knew his father, a situation which he has always regretted. He always felt that if his father had had any feeling for him that his father would have insisted on being there for him. This has led to Michael developing a strong distaste toward vulcans and their need to suppress their feelings. His grandfather partially filled the role of a father figure and has encouraged his loving nature.

Michael subconsciously rebelled against his father's absence by developing his natural love for all, and as an organic result found himself exploring the medical field where he could not only care for others but feed his natural thirst for knowledge.

Michael joined Starfleet because of the opportunities it offers for exploration and the development of knowledge.


Service Record
Graduated Cum Laude from Star Fleet Medical.
--Awarded Medical Doctorate with emphasis in Exophysiology
--Thesis paper: "Universal Lifesaving Measures for Multiple Traumas in Common Humanoid Exobiologies during Out-of-Hospital Emergencies"

First posting on USS Biko - Oberth Class supply vessel.
--Served as one of two on-board physicians for two years.
--Received COMMENDATION and early PROMOTION to full Ensign for outstanding service after ship was severely damaged from drifing into an asteroid field following being disabled by an ion storm. Michael Evans and one nurse were only surviving medical staff after multiple decompressions killed much of the crew and failing systems injured most of the rest. Ensign Evans and the nurse were able to keep further casualties to a minimum due to their tireless efforts and innovative thinking following the destruction of the ship's only sickbay.

Second posting on USS Bonchune - Nebula Class exploration vessel.
--Served as one of five on-board physicians and as exobiomedical consultant for two years.
--REPRIMAND from XO for endangering an away team mission. Ensign Evans endangered the away team by disobeying orders to evacuate an area while exploring a previously inhabited planet so that more data might be collected from an alien databank. Two away team members were seriously injured as a result.
--Received an honorary COMMENDATION from the Vulcan Science Academy and the Louis Pasteur AWARD from Starfleet Medical for the development of a more universal easy-to-replicate blood substitute for common humanoid physiologies. (Blood Substitute specific chemical components and properties have since been Classified.)
--COMMENDATION from CMO for service to the crew following the battle with the USS Prometheus.

Third posting on USS Tethys - Prometheus Class long range tactical vessel.
--PROMOTION to Lieutenant JG with new assignment as Assistant CMO.
--PROMOTION to CMO with death of his superior.
--PROMOTION to Lieutenant by Commodore Iluvar with the Tethys' Task Force Flagship designation.
--PROMOTION to Second Officer by Admiral Iluvar with the incapacitation of the First Officer and subsequent promotion of the then-Second Officer.


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