Romulan Subcommander Volaris   
[ Non-Playing Character ]

Character Information
Name   Volaris
Rank   Romulan Subcommander
Position   Commanding Officer, Reman Warbird Cloaked Dagger
Gender   Male
Species   Romulan
Age   45
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 0”
Weight   160 lbs.
Eye Color   grey
Hair Color   black
Physical Description   Tall and solidly built, Volaris portrays an image of one who is certain of himself. His firm gaze has been known to melt the confidence of many young officers.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Known for his accomplishments in the Romulan Empire, Volaris is confident in his own abilities and shows extreme devotion to his people. After the Shinzon incident, Volaris has shown even more determination to prove his people's honor.
Strengths & Weaknesses
A very accomplished officer and politician, Volaris has been known for his strong will and resolve. However, on a few occasions, this has caused conflict between him and those whom he has served with, particularly the Starfleet officers.
Restore his people to greatness.
Hobbies & Interests
Having an extreme interest in Romulan art and history, his prolonged contact with Starfleet has caused him to probe into the artistic histories of various cultures within the Federation.
Languages   Romulan, English
Father   Senator V'reenak
Mother   Commander Tolaris
Other Family  
Born to prominent Romulan Senator V'reenak and Imperial Fleet Commander Tolaris, Volaris was raised in the upper echelons of Romulan society. When he was only four years of age, his parents sent him to a prominent boarding school in the capital city where he would be trained in true Romulan fashion. He did not see his parents again until he was nearly 13, by which time, he had started to learn more of political and military life.

He soon made his way into the Imperial fleet, serving as an officer aboard a Romulan Warbird during the Dominion War. His battle skill and command abilities allowed him to move swiftly up the ranks until he was granted the title of Subcommander. With the end of the war, Volaris saw a need to rebuild the Romulan Empire to its former glory and decided to enter the world of politics. The beuacracy and petty bickering were too much for the Romulan patriot and he returned to the Fleet shortly before the Shinzon Incident.

Following the attempted Reman coup, Volaris was recalled to Romulus to help in re-establishing the Romulan government. As part of this assignment, he was ordered to serve as a member of the exchange program with Starfleet which involved the provision that Starfleet vessels could use Romulan cloaking devices with a Romulan Observer present. Though he was dead set against any cooperation with the Federation, he followed his orders and reported to the USS Tethys to serve as Romulan Observer there.

During the "New Earth" mission, it was revealed that Volaris was secretly working with the resurgent Tal Shiar when a warbird of Remans attacked the Tethys. Volaris had sabotegued the ship's systems, including the cloak, to allow the attack to proceed more effectively. Unfortunately, the crew found a way to fend off the intruders and Volaris was forced to flee with the warbird. He returned hours later as the commander of the warbird, known as the Cloaked Dagger, but was again spurrned by the actions of the Tethys crew and the timely arrival of the USS Lincoln.

Volaris once again fled, vowing to return and complete the job he had started. His passion to restore his people has helped to fuel a hatred of those who caused his plans to fail and brought dishonor upon him, namely Captain Iluvar.


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