Doctor Anthony Haelen   
[ Non-Playing Character ]

Character Information
Name   Doctor Anthony Lewis Haelen
Position   Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Gender   Male
Species   EMH Mk. I - holographic human
Age   0
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 10”
Weight   0 lbs.
Eye Color   brown
Hair Color   brown
Physical Description   Exact replica of creator Louis Zimmerman. While "Doc" can appear in a variety of forms and outfits, his default parameters are set to that of a medical officer.
Personality & Traits
General Overview

Personally requested by Captain Iluvar, "Doc" was reconfigured back to his standard medical programming and installed aboard the recently completed USS Tethys. It will take some time for him to get as far as the Voyager EMH has, but Iluvar hopes to help him accomplish that.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Medicine is obviously the strong suit of an EMH, however, the Mark I suffers from a slight problem in interpersonal skills. This combined with his perceived "obsoletion" by those in Starfleet, he can tend to be short with fellow crewmates, especially when cut off or deactivated in mid-action.
To become more than the sum of his algorithims.
Hobbies & Interests
Though he has very few "hobbies" as of yet, Commander Iluvar has encouraged him to go beyond his programming and seek out many of the same thrills experienced by the Voyager EMH. He has taken a recent interest in calligraphy and illuminated texts and is trying his hand at painting.
Languages   Federation Standard
Equiped with a Universal Translator per programming standards
Father   Creator Louis Zimmerman
Mother   n/a
Brother(s)   Fellow EMH Mk. I's, Most Notable: Voyager EMH
Sister(s)   n/a
Spouse   n/a
Children   n/a
Other Family   EMH Mk. II, III, and IV
Originally activated as the EMH for the USS Rhode Island, with the advent of the successive Mark II, III, and IV, "Doc" was reconfigured to mine dilithium along with thousands of his bretheren. He was one of the first Mark I's to experience the Doctor's holonovel, "Photons be Free", and subsequently felt a desire to become more than the sum of his program. This was a rather difficult thing to do in a dilithium mine, however, and for several years he experienced little growth.

Then, with the imminent launch of the USS Tethys, then-Commander Iluvar requested and ordered that an EMH Mark I be installed instead of the more modern Mark IV. Upon initial activation aboard the Tethys, "Doc" was greeted by the Commander himself and given control of his command protocols. Iluvar encouraged him to seek improvement and to request assistance at any time.

Taking the Commander's words to heart, so to speak, "Doc" began delving into the records and logs of the Voyager EMH, hoping to learn from the pioneer of holographic rights: "the Doctor". After a period of self-exploration, he soon determined that the lack of a name was a major impasse in his growth as an individual. He carefully chose a name after much deliberation, which was "given" to him in a naming ceremony presided over by then-Rear-Admiral Iluvar.


Service Record
USS Rhode Island - EMH 6 months
Dilithium Mines on Delta VII - laborer 10 years
USS Tethys - Holographic Medical Officer, currently serving as Asst. CMO


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