Lieutenant JG Margaret Winchester   

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Character Information
Name   Margaret Winchester
Rank   Lieutenant JG
Position   Chief Surgeon
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 7”
Weight   150 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Platinum Blonde
Physical Description   Margaret stands at five foot seven inches tall and weighs one-hundred and fifty pounds. She has platinum blonde hair stretching just past her shoulders. She has green eyes and full, naturally red lips. It has often been remarked (by some of her less mature colleagues) that one of her best features is her rather large posterior section.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Margaret’s personality, on the outside, is a very military one. She insists on following the rulebook word for word and will not except anything less than complete compliance. Her previous commanding officers have noted that she will often go over her direct supervisors head in order to get what she wants, even if it violates standard procedure.

On the inside, Margaret is a very soft and loving. While she often puts up a protective barrier to nearly all those around her, her feelings do sometimes flow out of the barrier for small time periods. When this happens, she can become overly emotional and often acts irrationally to all around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Margaret’s strength lies in her ability to shield herself from outside horrors. As such, she was posted to the Mobile Ground Based Hospital 4077 during the Dominion War.

Unfortunately, her strength leads into her weakness. It has been remarked by those that she works with that Margaret lacks interpersonal relationship skills. She will often boss her staff around with little worry about what is going on in their lives.
Margaret wishes to some day rise into the admiralty, and be given command of Starfleet Medical.
Hobbies & Interests
Father   Major General Charles Emerson Winchester
Mother   Nancy Winchester - Dean of Medicine, Mayo Clinic – Mars Branch
Other Family  
Margaret was born in 2351 at the Mayo Clinic on Mars Base. Her father was, at the time, a Colonel in Starfleet Marine Corps. At the time, it was rare for marines to be stationed on Starfleet vessels and starbases. As such, her father was in command of a marine garrison on a remote part of Mars. Her mother was a physician at the Mayo clinic on Mars colony. Margaret grew up between the two parents, spending the majority of her time on the marine base.

As a result of this, she grew to like the militaristic way of life her father had adopted. By the time she was ten, she had already memorized nearly all of the military code books for both the Marine Corps and Starfleet. The time she spent at Mars colony was often spent in her mothers office, away from many of the patients that would come from all corners of the quadrant to receive the specialized medical care offered by the Mayo clinic. While there, she would read through the medical encyclopedias to pass the time.

When Margaret graduated from school, there was but one question as to what she was going to do. She had to choose between her mothers profession or her fathers, medicine or the military. After a year of attending a small college on Mars colony Margaret entered the marine corps as a nurse and was assigned to Bajor for health support.

While on Bajor, Margaret attended a Bajoran medical school (specializing in surgery) in her off hours. It took several years longer than the normal medical school, but she was able to put her knowledge to use right away in her work. Less than one year after graduation from medical school the Dominion war broke out and Margaret’s division was transferred to various vessels within the fleet. Due to her experience, and her recently attained Medical Diploma, Margaret was offered a commission in Starfleet as an ensign. She excepted and was immediately sent to the front lines to serve with the Mobile Ground Based Hospital 4077 for ground battles.

After the Dominion War, Margaret was assigned to the USS Archer as the surgeon. She spent nearly five years there before being transferred to the USS Titan under the command of Captain William Riker. There she served as Assistant Chief Medical Officer under Commander Shenti Yisec Eres Ree. In the early part of 2486, Margaret was transferred to the USS Tethys as Assistant Chief Medical officer.


Service Record
Marine Corps-
Private – Corporal: Bajoran Medical Facility: Nurse
Ensign: Mobile Ground Based Hospital 4077: Surgeon
Ensign: USS Archer: Medical Officer / Surgeon
Ensign: USS Titan: Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Surgeon
Ensign: USS Tethys: Assistant Chief Medical Officer / Surgeon


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