Lieutenant JG Hannah Andeti   

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Character Information
Name   Hannah Miria Andeti
Rank   Lieutenant JG
Position   Chief Counselor
Gender   Female
Species   Betazoid
Age   29
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 11”
Weight   135 lbs.
Eye Color   Black
Hair Color   Blonde
Physical Description   Tall and willowy, Hannah often towers over her co-workers. Her short blonde hair and dark eyes accentuate her harsh, angular features. This tends to be intimidating to the unaware, but her open good nature quickly disarms the people around her. Because of her height and irregular features, she usually stands out in a crowd.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Extroverted by nature, Hannah values her friends and co-workers and isn’t afraid to let them know as much. She is open, optimistic and loves to laugh, which often attracts people to her although she is more trusting than she ought to be. She usually keeps her telepathic abilities at bay, unless they are necessary, after a traumatic experience in her early life. She’s a bit of a romantic, but doesn’t let it get in the way of her job. She loves to explore and often wishes she were more technically inclined, feeling that she is on the fringe of the adventure, rather than in the thick of it, as her crewmates are.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Strengths: Hannah is very good at disarming and connecting with people, although whether that’s natural or out of her psychological training is unclear. She is good at keeping a cool head while under pressure and is a good person to have around in a crisis. She is a born socialite and loves to try new things, take risks and, at all costs, have a good time. She loves her job and dedicates her life to helping people.

Weaknesses: She is sometimes sillier than is appropriate as she uses her sense of humour as a defense mechanism. Although she is good with people she has difficulty committing emotionally and usually pulls out of a relationship before it gets serious. She sometimes takes unnecessary risks and seems to have misconceptions about her own mortality. She tends to be a bit too trusting and can be very naïve. Although she is athletic, she has poor technical skills and has difficulty holding her own in a fight. She has a poor long-term memory ever since being the victim of a telepathic attack in her twenties and still confuses the events of her early life.
To enjoy every moment of life, to complete her PhD and to one day compose a symphony.
Hobbies & Interests
She loves sports, the outdoors and enjoys nothing more than hiking into the unknown or diving a strange ocean on an alien planet. She loves to run and while at the Academy she finished three different marathons, ranking within the top ten in each. She loves adventure and to explore the unknown, both outside and within herself, pushing herself to test her limits. One of her favourite hobbies is orbit diving and she has jumped on twenty-four different planets. She loves literature and art but, despite numerous attempts, couldn’t write herself out of a paper bag. Her musical talents are significantly better, having studied music before deciding to join Starfleet, she plays the cello and composes.
Languages   Betazoid, Federation Standard, Spanish, German and school-level Vulcan.
Father   Alastair Andeti
Mother   Miria Andeti
Sister(s)   Elle Andeti (missing)
Other Family   Has kept a Bolian painted turtle since she was five, named Scruffy.
Born on Betazed, Hannah didn’t set foot off of the planet until well into her teens. Her parents, both members of the Tenth House, raised their daughters in the large capital city where the two girls had plenty of opportunity both to grow socially and to flourish intellectually. The younger sister of a prodigy, Hannah spent much of her childhood overshadowed by her sister, Elle, who was born with her telepathic abilities fully developed and who excelled in maths and sciences. Although her parents never played favourites, she couldn’t help but feel inferior. As they grew older, Hannah began to distinguish herself from her sister by focusing on sports and art, learning to play the cello and spending her free time hiking through the Betazed wilderness with friends.

At fifteen, while her sister was studying to apply to the Academy, Hannah was recommended to study with the Hochschule fuer Musik in Dresden on Earth. Seven months after arriving on Earth, she was informed that her sister, now eighteen, had been arrested under suspicion of murder. When Elle was found guilty of three different murders and diagnosed with a series of personality disorders, instead of returning home, Hannah chose to stay on Earth and began to isolate herself from her parents. After completing her time in Germany, she moved to Gran Canaria with several other composers, where she spent two years composing and experimenting with various dubious substances. It was at this time that she certified in both orbital and scuba diving.

At twenty-two, Hannah returned to Betazed, where her parents greeted her enthusiastically and she finally began dealing with her sister’s psychological problems and their effect on her family. Still wishing to focus on her music, she found a flat near her parents and began visiting her sister in prison, who suffered from extreme paranoia and violent outbursts. It was at this time that she took an interest in psychology and began studying at the central university.

During a weekend visit to the facility, Elle managed to break through Hannah’s mental defenses, manipulating her senses, implanting false memories and inciting delusions. Hannah was left incapacitated and hallucinating while her sister escaped and disappeared.

While recovering in hospital, Hannah decided against finishing her PhD and instead she applied to the Academy in hopes of helping people who had the potential that her sister used to have. It turned out to be the best decision of her life and after she finished, she took her first post aboard the USS Archer. She loved every minute of her time in Starfleet, the combination of adventure and professional success a perfect fit. Transferring every few years when a posting became routine, Hannah continued to thrive up until her transfer to the USS Tethys.


Service Record
2378-2381 – Starfleet Academy
2381-2383 – Counsellor, USS Archer
2383-2385 – Chief Counsellor, USS de Gaulle
2385-Present – Chief Counsellor, USS Tethys


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