Iluvar Ibanya   
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Character Information
Name   Iluvar Ibanya
Position   Village Elder, New Ba'ku (Mirror)
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   175 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Dark Brown
Physical Description   Average in appearance, Iluvar tends to dress simply. His shorter, dark brown hair is often mistaken for black. In contrast to the primary universe counterpart, there is an almost visible perception of weight on this man's shoulders and a deep pain in his gaze.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests
Languages   Terran, Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan
Father   unknown
Mother   unknown
Brother(s)   n/a
Sister(s)   n/a
Spouse   Jel’ir Fahrae - deceased
Children   Aris Ibanya
Other Family   Sojef Ibanya (Mirror), Artim Ibanya (Mirror)
Born in an Alliance Labor Camp on Karakur, a harsh world near the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Iluvar’s childhood was short and difficult. The camp was built to mine the mineral resources of the planet, which was barely classifiable as life-supporting. Regular dust storms and electromagnetic activity in the atmosphere posed a hazard to every Terran and Vulcan living in the camp.

When he was only eight years old, Iluvar was forced to watch as a Klingon overseer tortured and murdered his parents using a Klingon painstick. Iluvar was enraged, but he was no match for the Klingon brutality. He suffered a broken arm and a fractured rib for his insolence and sent to work in the mines.

By the time he turned twenty, he had suffered long and hard under the oppression of the Alliance guards. Following an incident where Iluvar stood up to a guard who was harassing a small boy, the commandant, Gul Doral had him transferred to a labor camp in the system of Trill, knowing full well that the harsher conditions would surely result in Iluvar’s death.

During the transfer, Iluvar met Alyanna Necheyev (the counterpart of our own Admiral Necheyev). She was one of a select few who had spent her life attempting to move up in the Alliance’s eyes. Iluvar knew what the Gul expected as a result when he reached Trill…either he would die from overwork or he would be killed by the guards. His time running low, Iluvar took a chance and managed to convince Necheyev to lower the forcefield and enter the cell. Once she was inside, he overpowered her, though he could not bring himself to kill another human, even if they did work for the Alliance.

It wasn’t going to be long before Necheyev sounded the alarm; Iluvar had no choice but to go forward. He launched the fighter and managed to evade the vessel’s poorly targeted shots before escaping into the dense gasses of the Briar Patch. After a day of blind maneuvering, Iluvar stumbled upon the remains of the Ba’ku homeworld. The destruction was so typical of the Alliance and it was a story that Iluvar had heard, though only as a legend amongst laborers.

Decades earlier, the Alliance had encountered a race called the So’na who were interested in performing an experiment on the rings surrounding the Ba’ku planet. Thankfully, only a few years before, the Ba’ku had elected to move deeper into the Patch after finding the remains of an Alliance scouting probe that had crashed on their planet. The Alliance had few qualms about proceeding with the experiment. When the So’na realized that they would not be taking revenge, they endeavored to find out what had happened to their ancestors. The Alliance, seeing no further need for the So’na, betrayed them and destroyed the few So’na ships easily. They proceeded to undertake the experiment, which completely destroyed the planet, making it uninhabitable. Even then, Alliance scientists found no way to unlock the secrets of the metaphasic rings.

Running low on food and supplies, Iluvar’s fighter drifted deeper and deeper into the Briar Patch, becoming accidentally ensnared in one of the subspace currents. Eventually, he stumbled upon another planet, one that was more beautiful than he had ever seen before in his life. He landed the fighter and stumbled into what he later learned was the new settlement of the Ba’ku. Though suspicious at first, the Ba’ku welcomed him and brought him back to health.

Iluvar held much of his suffering close to his heart and was therefore, quite harsh and easily angered in his first few years in the village. Soon, however, he began to open up to his hosts and even became part of the Ibanya family. Within a few years, the Ba’ku had found what we would consider Iluvar’s inner humanity. He learned from the Ba’ku elders and became a hard-working member of the village.

Eventually, Iluvar Ibanya became one of the village leaders himself. Though the Ba’ku had rejected technology, Iluvar understood the need to keep a close eye out for Alliance activity, even this deep in the Patch. He kept the fighter on hand, hidden away so that others would not find it, in the event that it would ever be needed again.


Service Record
- Slave Laborer - Alliance Labor Camp, Karakur (twenty years)
- Slave Laborer - Alliance Labor Camp, Trill (never arrived)
- Village Elder - Ba'ku Village, New Ba'ku (fifteen years)


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