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Global Database Entries

Posting Format
A set of guidelines for how to format certain aspects of your post to allow for continuity. All posts should follow this format as of Mission 2.

Posting Expectations
All players must adhere to the USS Tethys posting policy.

Strike Policy
The Strike-Policy of the USS Tethys as of September 15, 2009

USS Tethys Promotion Standard
The Updated Promotion Standard for the USS Tethys

Sister Ships of the USS Tethys
This list details the ships that have entered into a sister-ship agreement with the USS Tethys.

Tethys Vessel Heritage
The history and lineage of the name Tethys in Earth history.

Visitor Relations
A beautiful example of how to interact with those visiting our site.

50 Things To Do When You Are Stuck For A Post
Ideas for posting when you don't know what to post.

USS Tethys Video
A Promotional Video for the USS Tethys