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Medical & Counseling Database Entries

CMO's Standing Orders
Pertinent information regarding certain aspects of the Medical Operations aboard the USS Tethys.

Starfleet Medical Records
Medical Records of the Crew of the USS Tethys

Medical Conditions
A listing of about 200 various medical diseases and conditions.

Medical Procedures
A listing and explanations of various medical procedures.

Medical Equipment
Various medical equipment and their usage.

A list of several "Star Trek" drugs used in various medical disciplines. (Cardio, Neuro, etc.)

Interspecies Reproduction
What do you get when you cross...

The Brain
A compendium of all things brain-related. Categories include: psychology, mind-altering substances, mind control, anotomy, neural interfaces and communications, neural energies, among others.

Klingon Physiology
A summation of Klingon Physiology

Trill Physiology
A summation of Trill physiology.

Vulcan Physiology
A summation of Vulcan physiology.

Betazoid Physiology
A summation of Betazoid physiology.