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Mission Posts

Location: Earlond's Quarters, USS Tethys
Timeline: 0940 Hours, MD-01
Tag: Iluvar, Banks

The location doesn't need to have the Deck listed unless it's relevant, like "Corridor, Deck 5 - USS Tethys". The timeline should always be in military time and be followed by the mission day. Lastly, if you think your post should be followed up on by someone else, please include them in the Tag field.

Personal Logs

Title: Stardate 61502.7

For the sake of appearance, I would like all officers to use the current Stardate (as listed on the Main Page) at the title of their Personal Logs. It looks better when listed on each person's bio page and when e-mails are sent out, and helps differentiate Personal Logs and Mission Posts.

Subsequent personal logs submitted on the same Mission Day should be titled "Supplemental."

In-Character/Out-Of-Character Notifications

When working on a post or sending it out, you can add additional information "Out-of-Character." For instance, if you are working on a Joint Post, you can start it with "OOC:" or "OFF:" leave a note for the people you're working on a post with, and then either put a line of dashes in or start the post with "ON" (or both).

You can also add notes to a post at the end. Simply insert a line of dashes and put "OOC:" or "OFF:".


OOC: This is a note for the people I'm working on a JP with.


Today we started working on repairs...


And we lived happily ever after.


OFF: I'll be sending out plot notes soon so everyone knows what's going to happen next :-)

Notes are usually deleted before the post is sent out, although if the note is for everyone, then it can be left in place.

Comm System

The only time combadges need to be included in posts is when somebody (or the computer voice) is talking over the Comm System. ONLY lines of dialogue by the computer voice or those coming OUT OF the Comm System require combadges.

There are two standard combadges used in posts, and there is no functional difference between them, it is simply a matter of preference. Here is an example of how they should be used (both are used in this example, but you should stick with one for consistency):

Iluvar tapped his combadge. "Iluvar to Lieutenant Earlond."

=/\=Go ahead.=/\=

"Your presence is required in the Mess Hall at once."

=^=On my way.=^=

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