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This is an example from our own Tethys IRC where Lt. Evans demonstrates how to interact with a visitor who is searching for a simm and shows interest in the USS Tethys.

[10:47] *** TethysCrew16 has joined #usstethys
[10:48] * Doc_Evans looks around carefullyy.
[10:48] Hello
[10:48] Morning.
[10:48] I take it you're the CMO on this ship?
[10:48] That's me.
[10:48] * Doc_Evans smiles.
[10:48] Are you a visitor, then?
[10:49] Yeah...just looking
[10:49] Well.. make yourself at home.
[10:49] * Doc_Evans offers you a drink.
[10:49], what's it like on this simm?
[10:49] So far there's been plenty of action.
[10:50] Really?
[10:50] Our next mission is going to allow for more character development.
[10:50] That's always nice...I've been looking around for some time now and I've seen too many simms that go too far one way or the other
[10:50] Yup. I even had the opportunity to award a departmental commendation in this last mission.
[10:51] Wow...that's cool.
[10:51] Well, we have several openings. (Including my department.)
[10:51] Always looking for good characters and writers.
[10:51] * Doc_Evans smiles.
[10:51] So I see...I may have to consider applying ;)
[10:52] You're CO is a Ba'ku?
[10:52] Mm hm.
[10:52] He really doesn't go on about it, but slips it in once in a while.
[10:53] Hmm...I didn't know there were any Ba'ku in Starfleet.
[10:53] What's he like?
[10:53] He's actually human, but spent several years in the briar patch.
...a well-grounded Captain. keeps things interesting, on-task, but allows for creativity.
[10:54] That's he involved a lot, or does he direct it from the sidelines?
[10:55] He participates in the majority of posts.
[10:55] mmm
[10:55] He's great about focusing on character development instead of just the "killing everything in sight" mission.
[10:55] Well, it was nice talking to you. My break is almost over, but I will definitely keep looking around. Thanks for the help.
[10:56] ...even allows for the possiblility of failure. Our ship is currently being towed back to spacedock. Glad you stopped in.
[10:56] *** TethysCrew16 has quit (Exit: USS Tethys - A Star Trek play by web sim. Check out our website at

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