Database: Sister Ships of the USS Tethys

1. Each site will have a page dedicated to the sister ship program including the following information;

a. A link to the sister ship's website.
b. Contact information for the sister ship's CO and/or XO.
c. Image of the sister ship.
d. Any other information within reason pertaining to the sister ship that is requested.

2. Recommending the sister ship to players seeking to join other simms.

3. Possibility of future Joint Missions with the sister ship.

Interested COs should contact Commodore Iluvar.

USS Iapetus
Commanding Officer: Captain Vorn Krace
Executive Officer: Commander Acle Walex
Luna Class

"Fortes fortuna adiuva." - Publius Vergilius Maro

USS Orlando
Commanding Officer: Captain Quinn Androski
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Marcus Rockwell


USS Carthage [Excelsior Class]
Commanding Officer: Commander Martin Cathcart
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Eve Ross

Posting Format: SMS

Top Open Positions:
- Chief Counselor
- Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
- Senior Staff Yeoman

Starbase 386 [Nor Class]
Commanding Officer: Captain James Lange
Executive Officer: Commander Arthur Richardson

Posting Format: Play by Bulletin Board

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