Database: Posting Expectations

As of December 1, 2008, the USS Tethys is adopting the following Posting Policy:

1. To help maintain a steady flow of mission plots, all players are expected to post on a regular basis.

2. All players must post no less than four times per month.

3. Posts include mission posts, joint posts, or personal logs.

4. Mission posts or joint posts can be from a player's character or that of an NPC.

5. A player should attempt to post at least once per week, though it is not required I highly recommend aiming for this goal.

6. If a player cannot meet the posting requirement, they must contact the CO and inform him of the circumstances preventing them from doing so.

7. Failure to meet the posting requirement on a regular basis without explanation will result in the player receiving a strike.

8. A strike can be removed after a month of active posting following the issuing of the offending strike.

See Also: USS Tethys Strike Policy

Taking Leave

LOA - A leave of absence typically lasts one to three days, though no longer than one week. Players on LOA at the end of the month will have their activity judged accordingly.

ELOA - An extended leave of absence lasts anywhere from two weeks to a number of months. Players on ELOA are exempt from posting regulations during their ELOA.

All players must fill in the reason for their leave as well as an expected time of return when applying for leave. Requests without explanation of any kind will result in the player being reprimanded for any failure to meet activity requirements.

The Command Staff of this ship reserves the right to amend these rules at any time on an as-needed basis.

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