Database: Strike Policy

Receiving a Strike
Players can receive a strike in a variety of ways. Strikes can only be issued by the commanding officer and will always come with a message explaining the reason the strike was issued. The offending player is responsible for working with the commanding officer to improve the situation. The CO is not required to chase down the player to make sure they are doing what is required of them.

Reasons a player may earn a strike:
- Failure to meet monthly posting requirements
- Writing for another player’s character or PNPC without permission
- Drastically altering the mission plot without CO approval (ie Super-hero syndrome)
- Prolonged inactivity without contact
- Repeat offenses

Removing a Strike
Players have the chance to clean their slates through good behavior. This provides a player with the opportunity to restore their record and keep themselves involved. The CO will determine specific actions that warrant the removal of a strike and will confer those expectations to the player in question. A general rule of thumb is that a month of activity that exceeds expectations will remove one strike from the player’s record.
Strikes will expire naturally 90 days following the issuing of said strike. If a player has earned strikes in July & August for failure to meet posting requirements, then posts five quality posts (or JPs) in September, their strike for July will be removed. Their strike for August will expire naturally by November 20th (provided it was issued Sept 1st). The oldest strike will be the first to expire or be removed in any case.

Strike List
Strike 1 - The player will receive a written warning to which they must reply within seven days. The player will be allowed to provide an explanation and proper defense for themselves during this time period.

Strike 2 - The player will receive a written warning to which they must reply within seven days. In addition, the CO will provide the player with various options to help correct the situation. The player must show a vested interest in their situation and work with the CO to rectify the matter.

Strike 3 - The player will receive an email outlining the problem and all attempts made to correct the situation. They will be allowed one last chance to provide explanation before being removed from the ship’s manifest.

A player who has been removed must wait 30 days before being allowed to re-apply for membership. At that time, the player must show that they have improved and will not repeat their offense. It is up to the CO whether to accept them back or not.

The Command Staff of this ship reserves the right to amend these rules at any time on an as-needed basis.

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