Database: USS Tethys Promotion Standard

New Promotion Guidelines as of the Conclusion of "Dark Reflections" Out of Character: Promotion Guidelines

Merits for Promotion are based on:

- High Quality of Posting as per the Tethys Posting Guidelines found in the database or on the Tethys Forums
- Regular Level of Activity as per the Tethys Activity Policy found in the database. Active members are better able to contribute to a simm and make the simming experience better for everyone.
- Contributions to the Simm both In and Out of Character including, but not limited to voicing mission ideas, suggesting simm improvements, starting JPs with initiative, and developing sub-plots alongside missions.
- Character Development -- No character will be promoted against the will of the player. Should a promotion or lack thereof play into your character's development, it will be taken into account.

Table 2: Average Officer Rank Distribution
Rank Requirements Distribution
Ensign Approved Application No Limit
Lieutenant JG Good Application, Prior Simming Experience, Regular Activity, Reasonable Posting, Limited Proofreading Required Various, Not as Prolific as Ensign
Lieutenant Good-Advanced Application, Established Prior Experience, Regular Activity, Reasonable Posting, Limited Proofreading Required Usually Dept Head or Asst. Dept Head
Lieutenant Commander Advanced Application, Substantial Prior Experience, Above Average Activity, Few to No Proofing Errors Department Heads
Commander Proficient Application, Extensive Prior Experience, Above Average Activity, Few to No Proofing Errors Dept Head, 2XO, or XO Only
Captain Commanding Officer's Recommendation Only XO Only

In Character: Age and Rank

Age and rank are closely related. It's easier to figure out the rank first then calculate the age. There are three rank types: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, and Commissioned Officer. On the TV shows, nearly every lead character was a Commissioned Officer. Officers go through a rigorous selection and training process to earn their commissions. Every Officer is trained first and foremost as a leader, and as such are responsible for broad decisions concerning those serving under them. That commission carries with it authority derived from the President of the United Federation of Planets, and must be earned. Enlisted personnel make up the bulk of Starfleet and are trained in very specialized areas. They perform most of the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep a ship or station functioning, from processing personnel transfers to maintaining weapons to administering clinical care. Warrant Officers exist somewhere between Enlisted personnel and Commissioned Officers. Warrant Officers served a number of years (10 or more typically) as Enlisted personnel proving their technical expertise in their respective fields. They provide Officer-level leadership and expert knowledge in their specific field.

A new character joining a ship will often be assigned a rank no higher than Lieutenant. If you are quite new to simming or collaborative writing, expect a rank of Ensign or Lieutenant JG if your character is to be an Officer, or no higher than Petty Officer 1st Class if Enlisted. Chief Petty Officer and above for Enlisted, all Warrant Officer ranks, and Lieutenant and above for Officers, are the province of experienced, established players. Once you've figured your character's rank, you can estimate your character's age.

The table below indicates typically how much time a person would spend at each rank, how much total time in Starfleet he would have, and how old a human would be when he is promoted. For example, a human Lieutenant JG would be somewhere between the ages of 24 and 27 according to the chart. An exceptional character may be promoted meritoriously (earlier than scheduled) once or twice throughout his entire career and might be young for his rank. An undisciplined character may be held back from promotion or in extreme circumstances, reduced in rank (more common among enlisted than officer personnel). To figure out the average age for a non-human character, simply add the Total Time in Service to the age at which the character graduated from the Academy (for Officers) or reported for basic training (for Enlisted). It might be a good idea to set your character's age so that his next promotion is less than a year away, since it is likely your character will be promoted after the first few missions.

Table 1: Average promotion rates
Enlisted Officer
Rank Total Time in Service Time Until Promotion Avg. Age Rank Total Time in Service Time Until Promotion Avg. Age
CMR/Pvt -- 6 mos 18 ENS/2ndLt -- 2 yrs 22
CMA/PFC 6 mos 12 mos 18 LTJG/1stLt 2 yrs 3 yrs 24
CM/LCpl 18 mos 18 mos 19 LT/Capt 5 yrs 4 yrs 27
PO3/Cpl 3 yrs 2 yrs 21 LCDR/Maj 9 yrs 6 yrs 31
PO2/Sgt 5 yrs 3 yrs 23 CDR/LtCol 15 yrs 6 yrs 37
PO1/SSgt 8 yrs 4 yrs 26 CAPT/Col 21 yrs -- 43
CPO/GySgt 12 yrs 5 yrs 30
SCPO/MSgt 17 yrs 5 yrs 35
MCPO/MGySgt 22 yrs -- 40

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