Zander Whyte’s Personal Log - Stardate: 63452.45

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Title   Stardate: 63452.45
Author   Zander Whyte
Posted   Thu Nov 05, 2009 @ 11:38am
[Log Begins]

I awoke with a strange feeling today. Everything seems slightly more enclosed than it did yesterday. Having been on the ship for two days it's distinctly possible that the sudden realisation that I'm stuck on a Starship until my editor decides to pull me off, may suddenly have slapped me around the face.

It's also possible that I'm developing some sort of late on-set claustrophobia or cabin fever. I doubt that somehow. I'm going to look into the environmental controls. Perhaps it's just warmer in here than it was on the base.

Aside from this feeling, I've also been beginning to get a little paranoid. I'm beginning to get sent things that I don't necessarily want, although once I get them my professional curiousity is so peaked that I can't let it go.

One of my contacts has transmitted me a data rod which appears to contain some information from The Tal Shiar, the Romulan Secret Service. I have absolutely no idea how to decrypt it but I have a feeling that asking for the help of one of the Starfleet personnel would not do me any good. I'd be up in front of Iluvar before I could say "Oh God, please, no!".

If only there were someone on the ship who could be trusted to keep this to themselves. Perhaps I'll try and consult with Counselor Andeti to see if I can get some kind of information on the intelligence staff aboard the ship.

[Log Ends]
[Recording Off]