Zander Whyte’s Personal Log - Stardate: 63479.96

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Title   Stardate: 63479.96
Author   Zander Whyte
Posted   Sun Nov 15, 2009 @ 1:32pm
[Log Begins]

I am unconvinced that I am so forgetful as to lose the source of a rare data rod. I swear on my life that I woke up this morning and there it was, I'd never even seen it before.

I'm even less assured by my conversation with Ensign Moretti. I feel as though her need to take the rod to Commander McNeil may result in my information and my source (whoever it may be) becoming compromised. As far as I know this ship could be running headlong into a trap or something but I've never liked giving away my information, especially if I've no idea what it is.

However, I will have to trust in the Ensign and the Commander to make sure that my information comes back to me in order to allow me to get my story out. They might not see it as important for the people of the Federation to get this information to them, but I do. And I will...

[Log Ends]
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