Zander Whyte’s Personal Log - Stardate: 63540.89

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Title   Stardate: 63540.89
Author   Zander Whyte
Posted   Mon Dec 07, 2009 @ 6:45pm
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I have just had a most fortuitous meeting with one Lieutenant Timothy Felle, a man who is most uncomfortable with his lot in life. I'm very intrigued to delve deeper into his story- if not for his benefit then for my own.

He seems to have an issue with not only Commander Earlond and Lieutenant Awen but also with a lower ranking lieutenant known as Laedon. Unfortunately without access to the crew database I cannot find out more about her. I'm assured from my conversation with Felle that she will not have much time for me but I managed to stay alive through a meeting with Earlond so I don't have any fear of the security investigations officer.

Note to self: Felle wanted reassurances that you wouldn't pass this information on to any of his superiors. You may want to leave his name, rank and job title out of the story to be submitted to FNS.

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