Rear Admiral Iluvar’s Personal Log - Taking Time - Shoreleave 01, 0745

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Title   Taking Time - Shoreleave 01, 0745
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Wed Jan 13, 2010 @ 10:24am
Begin Log:

At 2240 hours yesterday, ship's time, the Tethys arrived at Starbase 386 following a bizarre incident at Planet Gateway involving Subcommander Volaris and the warbird Cloaked Dagger. Considering all that has happened in the past few months, I am convinced that my crew deserves the chance to enjoy the opportunities that Starbase 386 has to offer, which is why I have ordered that all crew be released from their duties for shoreleave at some point while we are here. I have made it a point that this includes my senior officers, some of whom feel that shoreleave is not a priority. Then again, it could be said that I should be heeding my own advice.

Looking back, perhaps it is not only the intensity of recent events, but also their rapid pace that has been the greatest stress on this ship and her crew. No sooner had we returned from our unwanted sojourn in the Mirror Universe than we found ourselves party to the engagement in the Altorus system. In the days that followed, while the Tethys was undergoing repairs here at Starbase 386, delegates began to arrive for the Taevon Summit, an important conference amongst the powers of the Alpha Quadrant to discuss the increasing tension with the Elyshans. Although no Elyshan delegation had been invited, the Elyshans most certainly did arrive and they did so in force. We are lucky that it did not become another battle on the road to war. Thanks to the actions of Captain Lange and his crew, as well as the timely arrival of the USS Orlando and USS Ticonderoga, the Elyshans seemed just as interested in avoiding direct confrontation as we were.

Now it is almost a week later and we find ourselves back at Starbase 386. The delegates to the Taevon Summit are still in conference, though I have not yet heard what has been discussed. Perhaps I will make a visit to Captain Lange and see what information he may be able to provide. As I watch the various starships from each of the delegations circle the station, I realize that even the differences between them will not prevent us from uniting against what we perceive to be a common threat.

I still have to finish a few things before I can embark on my own shoreleave tomorrow. Commander Earlond has been pressing the matter ever since we returned from Planet Gateway. Doctor Haelen (NPC) has been equally suggestive that I take some time off. Lucky for them, I already have plans for my shoreleave. Aris (NPC) and I will be taking an overnight camping trip to the holodeck, something I know that he has been looking forward to ever since I suggested the idea. In fact, he's spent a lot of time researching where he would like to go and what we'll need to pack to get there. It will be a technology free experience, except the holodeck, of course. My hope is that this trip will give me a chance to get to know him better and to show him that just because things have happened a certain way in the past, doesn't mean that they have to happen the same way in the future.

End Log