’s Personal Log - Logfile XI

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Title   Logfile XI
Posted   Sat Apr 25, 2009 @ 1:52am
Science Log
Stardate: 62920.04


As a scientist I, of all people, should realize that not all experiments are as successful as they should come out to be. Therefore, it should be no real surprise as to the fact that I am presuming that I am not as successful in my latest attempts at humor as I intended to be. After all, though, trying to make humans laugh is difficult. A joke about dead rabbits at the fangs of wolves is quite humorous to a Carnivon audience, after all.

Therefore, I was experimenting with a joke that involved me crowning myself King before. I believe it may have been taken the wrong way, and I certainly hope that it was not. However, never the less, I feel that it is most acceptable to offer some degree of apology for it.

Would that be correct? I mean, after all, I believe that is how the human custom appropriately operates. I certainly hope that, once again, would therefore be the case.

I am unsure. Is this document, then, a sufficient acceptance for the conditions? I mean, this logfile document. Is that a sufficient statement?


Lieutenant Celestial Dancer
Chief Science Officer
USS Tethys