Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans’s Personal Log - Personal Log - EMH - Dark Reflections, MD01, 0900hrs

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Title   Personal Log - EMH - Dark Reflections, MD01, 0900hrs
Author   Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans
Posted   Tue May 05, 2009 @ 10:13am
It has been many days since I was granted a temporary leave of duty to contemplate one of the most important factors in my personal growth and development: my name. I’ve considered thousands of them. Besides the names themselves I also had to determine the form my name would take. Bajorans, for instance, use their surname first. The Ardurans combine names to indicate lineage. In the end I have chosen to use human tradition since that is the race that created me and since that is the race that my image was patterned after.

I chose my surname based on the human tradition of using a person’s profession or place in society to delineate a family line. I also chose it based on my apparent race (that of middle-European/Germanic descent).

My “middle” name was chosen to honor my creator, Doctor Lewis Zimmerman. Not that I think so highly of the man, but I feel obligated to honor my “father” (as he were).

Because my “middle” and surname point to my origins and design, I decided to choose my “first” name based solely on how much I liked it. It’s actual meaning has been lost to history, but all the better in my opinion. That means I can make it what I will.

I’ve decided to have a naming ceremony following our current mission. I haven’t settled on the exact details of how it will play, nor even whom I would like to perform my “naming”. I’m sure Doctor Zimmerman wouldn’t do it even if I wanted him to… and I don’t. But I don’t think it’s quite right to grant a name unto myself. I’ll have to give it some careful thought.