Rear Admiral Iluvar’s Personal Log - Personal Log Entry - Dark Reflections MD03, 0600

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Title   Personal Log Entry - Dark Reflections MD03, 0600
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Fri May 15, 2009 @ 8:07pm
Begin Log:

As I make this log entry, I am drifting through the Golden Discontinuity in some sort of small craft. None of the systems, save life-support, appear to be working. I would hazard a guess that whoever has brought me here did not wish for me to find a way to contact the Tethys. Still, I continue to make the attempt to access the vessel's systems.

This all started with the discovery of the abandoned mining station. Lt. Evans was right to wake me as he did. Being new to the night watch, I trust that he still is getting used to the burdens of command. But I digress...

We beamed over in a small away team: Cmdr. Earlond, Lt. Kyle, Lt. Evans, and myself. What we found was most disturbing. Despite the station having been abandoned, there was an active power source. I can only wonder what the others found when investigating it. The second startling discovery was that of the Alliance Emblem hanging proudly in the antechamber.

As a flag officer, I am aware of the extent of Starfleet's knowledge of the Mirror Universe. The idea that the Alliance has managed to make a foray into our own universe to construct this base has me unsettled. What is the base's purpose? Why was it abandoned?

It was as we were beaming back that my signal must have somehow been diverted. I felt the change in the transport certainly seemed to take a lot longer than necessary. Perhaps this has something to do with the Alliance base. If so, it is vital that I find a way to re-establish contact with the Tethys as soon as possible. I wonder if they are even aware of my absence.

Judging from the view outside this craft's viewport, I am still in the Golden Discontinuity. However, I see no signs of the mining station or the Tethys...another puzzling addition to this mystery. Perhaps, if I ever manage to gain access to these systems, I shall find some answers there.

End Log