’s Personal Log - Personal Log Entry - Dark Reflections MD03, 0600

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Title   Personal Log Entry - Dark Reflections MD03, 0600
Posted   Thu Jul 02, 2009 @ 3:16pm

Science Log
Stardate: 63107.79


Continually there is speech of how we are to continue the search for a parallel dimension, to put things relatively simply. There is a certain degree to the fact that I have thought about this. I have offered a scheme by which there could be a relatively easy method using mirror universe type warp signatures by a method to latch onto. This technique would use a subroutine in such a manner as to generate a pseudorandom number that would indicate a system by which we could calculate the path of a time-space interruption in the other universe and latch onto it.

Remember, of course, that there is a certain degree of a sheet-like property to time space, as Albert Einstein had written. If one stretched out a blanket, and placed a ball into the center of it, then they would have the rest of that aforementioned blanket’s fabric curve to the mass that was placed upon it. That is where my theory rests – the alternate universe is the blanket and the USS Tethys is the mass.

I have not been able to test this concept, however, nor have I been able to run any models. Furthermore, I have no response from the crew as to how they may accept or reject it.


Lieutenant Celestial Dancer
Chief Science Officer
USS Tethys