Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans’s Personal Log - Personal Log - Doc (EMH)- Dark Reflections, MD05, 0530hrs

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Title   Personal Log - Doc (EMH)- Dark Reflections, MD05, 0530hrs
Author   Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans
Posted   Thu Aug 13, 2009 @ 9:47pm
Something has happened. I don't know what exactly or how, but I have reason to believe that the Commodore is not who he says he is. I need to investigate further and I need to do it quickly.

Yesterday, the hologram Peter and I went to see Iluvar based on suspicions brought to my attention by Peter himself. His suspicions apparently proved to be correct. Iluvar was certainly not himself when we spoke with him yesterday; and last night I was supposed to meet with Peter for supper, but he didn't show. I attempted to contact him, but could not.

I've spent the night since trying to track down what happened. Apparently his program has been deactivated and placed under an Alpha One security lockout. Only a Captain or higher rank can access his program.

I'm not entirely sure who to trust, but I think I can talk to Lieutenant Evans about this. Maybe together we can shed some light on this.