Rear Admiral Iluvar’s Personal Log - Limping Home - Dark Reflections, MD11, 0620

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Title   Limping Home - Dark Reflections, MD11, 0620
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Sun Sep 27, 2009 @ 8:22pm
Begin Log:

It is with great relief that I gaze once again upon the familiar stars of my own universe. The events of the past two weeks continue to weigh on my mind as the Tethys begins her long, slow journey back to Starbase 386 for repairs. While we may suffer from severe physical damage, my crew is home safe, and that is all that matters.

Upon our return from the Mirror Universe, the Tethys was nearly inoperable. Minimal lifesupport and a few scraps of emergency power was all that managed to hold us together. Commander Earlond led a team via shuttlecraft back to the station in our own universe. As much as we all were to forget every detail of the trials we underwent, it was necessary to use the facility to contact Starfleet and request assistance.

It wasn't long before our aide arrived in the form of the USS Sheboygan. They happened to be passing nearest to the Golden Discontinuity and were diverted to render assistance. I have been assured that Starfleet will be looking into this matter most seriously. Given what I discussed with Commander McNeil, I have no doubt that Starfleet Intelligence will be involved.

We have no way of knowing if the station on the other side was finally destroyed, though I have no doubt that the Vulcan Resistance would have completed their end of the bargain. With any luck, the possibility of a repeat experience has greatly diminished.

With the aid of the shipyard facilities at 386, I'm sure the Tethys will be up and running at her prime again in no time. Counselor Andeti has, rather firmly, insisted that I take time off. As much as I would like to oversee the repairs of my own ship, I have a feeling that I would risk mutiny to do so.

Instead, I have decided that I will spend the time trying to get to know my...I mean, my counterpart's son, Aris. I suppose, in the great scheme of things, he may just as well be my son. If circumstances were different...

Regardless, I have taken the boy into my care, and it is my responsibility to ensure that he does not feel forsaken. I already owe him for the safe retrieval of Peter from his imprisonment in data storage. With time, I have no doubt that we will be able to overcome our differences...maybe even become a true family. Only time will tell...

End Log