Zander Whyte’s Personal Log - Stardate: 63379.5

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Title   Stardate: 63379.5
Author   Zander Whyte
Posted   Sat Oct 10, 2009 @ 9:27am
[Log Begins]

A day in the life of Zander Whyte's never an easy one. I'm noticing more and more that my presence on Starfleet vessels and outposts is looked upon more with suspicion than with the good-natured banter I was previously greeted with.

My transfer aboard the gleaming Flagship of Task Force 22 is complete and I was lucky enough, no; scratch that. I was audacious enough to get myself a short meeting with Rear Admiral Iluvar when I came aboard. He's an interesting man. He strikes me as slightly austere and set in the ways of the Federation but I trust that he can also see that the system we live by has its weaknesses.

My plans aboard the Tethys are simple. Day-to-day running of the ship's functions is of very little interest to the people of the Federation. However, I want to find out the human stories and the quirks and idiosyncracies that make these people who they are.

In other words, I'm going to find out what makes Starfleet officers tick.

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[Recording Terminated]