Zander Whyte’s Personal Log - Stardate: 63403.87

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Title   Stardate: 63403.87
Author   Zander Whyte
Posted   Sun Oct 18, 2009 @ 6:40pm
Log Begins:

I met with Commander Earlond around lunchtime today. Had an interesting conversation in which he betrayed more than a slight mistrust of me. He seemed unwilling to release the details of the crew's disciplinary record. While I understand his concerns, I have other ways of securing what I want.

I also took the opportunity to mention the presence of his name in relation to "The Organization" which I have been getting from my contacts. I truly hope that the Commander did not take the inference the wrong way. He seemed truly angered and I also sensed on another level, a deep sadness within him.

However, despite the impending threat of physical violence I will endeavour to delve deeper into Commander Earlond's involvement with "The Organization" and find out just exactly what he has done that makes him so incredibly defensive.

Even if it kills me.

Log Ends:
Recording Terminated: