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Taking Time   [ Posts: 27 ]
In the hectic life on the Federation Frontier, it is more important than ever for Starfleet officers to remember to take time. As the Tethys remains docked at Starbase 386, Rear Admiral Iluvar has granted his crew shoreleave. Tensions with the Elyshans are as high as ever and the news grows darker every day, yet they still keep hope. The most important thing is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us.
The Pandora Effect   [ Posts: 58 ]
Rear Admiral Iluvar and the crew of the USS Tethys receive an urgent distress call from the scientific outpost on Planet Gateway claiming that they are under attack from an unknown force. Little more than a scientific research post, there is little likelihood that they could stand against such an attack for long. As the Tethys races toward the planet at high warp, they can only hope that they aren't too late.

Subcommander Volaris, spurned by his defeat at the hands of Iluvar and his crew, has discovered the existence of the Guardian of Forever, which he hopes to use to deal a crippling blow to the Federation by altering the past. The instant he enters the Guardian, changes ripple across time and space. Unfortunately, the Guardian of Forever has gone dormant, preventing anyone from following the Subcommander into the past.

Unaware of the changes that were made to history, Captain Iluvar and the crew of the Valiant-class USS Tethys must determine the source of the anomalous readings coming from the planet below. However, their presence in orbit is sure to attract the attention of the Romulans or the Klingons, either of which would be more than eager to take down a "rogue" Federation starship. It's a race against the clock as Iluvar and his crew try to put right what they never knew existed.
The Battle of Altorus   [ Posts: 20 ]
A mysterious distress call from famed Ambassador Ocal brings five Starfleet ships, five crews, to the Altorus system for a climactic event that will change everything. Will this be the spark that leads to the powder keg of war?
Dark Reflections   [ Posts: 86 ]
An ordinary mission to survey the Golden Discontinuity takes an unexpected turn when Commodore Iluvar and the crew of the Tethys are drawn into the master plans of a desperate man.

The Tethys is the key to one man’s plan to bring down the tyrannical forces pressing in from all around him. The Mirror-Universe is divided into two camps: the brutal Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and the Romulan-Federation. One starship could be the catalyst that plunges them into bloody war.

Now the crew of the Tethys must fight to uphold their ideals in a universe of deceit and betrayal. But as the battle lines are drawn, they soon find that they must fight for their very survival…
Hopeful Future   [ Posts: 20 ]
With the defeat of the Rhokari and the negotiations between the Federation and the Tzenkethi back on track, the Tethys collects its absent crewmembers and reports to Starbase 386 for some much needed shoreleave.

Newly minted Commodore Iluvar is settling into his new role as task force commanding officer as his crew takes this opportunity to relax, catch up, and interact with one another without the intrusion of alien attack or tense negotiations.
Spectres of the Past   [ Posts: 64 ]
Captain Iluvar has wrestled with the demons of his past for years. Now he has decided to search for some answers - by leaving the Tethys behind. His search will soon lead him to some of the darkest corners of the Alpha Quadrant in search of the answers he seeks.

Meanwhile, under the temporary command of Commander T'Lara Elburn, the Tethys is dispatched to assist in negotiations with the Tzenkethi over border disputes. To assist in the negotiations, Starfleet has assigned Ambassador Joran Yates to the Tethys.

It soon becomes apparent that someone does not want Iluvar to uncover the truth. At the same time, negotiations stall when three Tzenkethi ships disappear near the Briar Patch. Now, more than ever, Starfleet needs the experiences of Captain Iluvar, but he is nowhere to be found. Can the crew of the Tethys solve the mystery before the conflict erupts into war?
Ghost Ship   [ Posts: 25 ]
After nearly a month waiting for a replacement warp core to be installed, the USS Tethys is back in the game. While en route to a conference at Starbase 624, the Tethys is diverted to Sector 551 in response to a mysterious distress call from a vessel thought to have gone missing nearly a year before.

The USS Warsaw was selected to be the testbed for Starfleet's newest attempt at a transwarp drive. It was hoped that such a breakthrough would even the playing field against the Borg, should they ever return. Like the Excelsior before her, the Warsaw was a failure. This time, however, the entire ship vanished without a trace. Now she's returned and it's up to the crew of the Tethys to find out what happened to her. What dark secrets is this derelict hiding?
Shifting Shadows   [ Posts: 91 ]
Following an overhaul and shoreleave at Starbase 386-B, the Tethys is dispatched to neutral space near the Elyshan Empire on patrol. Rear Admiral Locke, the station commander, feels that the Elyshans may be taking an interest into the Valedonian's recently developed warp drive technology and has asked Commander Iluvar to help keep an eye on the region.

All is not quiet on the Elyshan front, and the Tethys soon receives a distress call with a Starfleet signature. However, when they respond, they discover something none of them expected. Now the crew must race against the clock to prevent a disaster that will endanger ship and crew. Time is running out - will they survive?
New Earth   [ Posts: 57 ]
?In this galaxy, there's a mathematical probability of three million earth-type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us.? ? Dr. Leonard H. McCoy

During the first five year mission of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk, the ship encountered a number of Earth-like planets. These planets were so similar to Earth in geological and anthropological development that Starfleet classified their existence, restricting the knowledge to the upper echelons of the fleet on a need-to-know basis. Starfleet knew that if the existence of such planets became known to the general populous, it would cause panic, fear, and doubt in the very uniqueness of humanity.

Recently, the Federation scout ship Bermes reported encountering one such planet in the Sierra 129 starsystem. Shortly after their initial report, the Bermes disappeared and was not heard from again. Starfleet urgently recalled the USS Tethys, believing that her commander, Commander Iluvar, was best suited to the mission. With her orders sealed, the Tethys prepares to depart Starbase 165 on course for Sierra 129. What she will find upon arrival remains a mystery.

A Job Well Done   [ Posts: 22 ]
Following the Tethys' encounter with the Breen, they came into the possession of a number of Cardassian Isomorphic projections. While the crew tries to determine what to do with these programs, Commander Iluvar receives orders to return to Starbase 165 where the Tethys will be redeployed following a confidential meeting with the station's commander.

During this time, the crew is given their first opportunity at shoreleave, however brief it may be. Still, the future holds uncertainty for the Tethys...
Bullied by the Breen   [ Posts: 46 ]
The newly comissioned USS Tethys has been given its first assignment: investigate reports of raiders in the Black Cluster. The region is known for its volitile anomalies and the proximity of the Breen, allies of the Dominion during the war. Recent reports of raids on shipping in the area have increased and the Tethys has been dispatched to investigate, assess, and attempt to resolve the situation. The use of force has been authorized in the defense of merchant or Federation traffic in the area.
Shakedown Cruise   [ Posts: 17 ]
"Just a quick run around the block."

The USS Tethys is set to finish up a few of its final installations and awaits a full crew compliment. In the meantime, she has been granted authorization to make the traditional shakedown run out past Pluto, run maneuvering and tactical testing in the Oort Cloud, and return to Earth Station McKinley before departing on her first mission.