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Title   Need a hand?
Category   General News
Posted   Wed Nov 12, 2008 @ 4:32pm

I also brought this up in the last staff meeting, but i ought it wise to note it here to.

The marines with the nature of their main job donít have much to do in between the problem moments. Now I can compensate by that partly by writing some post of trainings, a meeting or a random chat. But that isnít as fun a good JP.

So that why I would like to point out that marines can be of aid for other departments. Many marines have a specialization in a certain area. Some are medics, some engineering, some have piloting experience and some can work great with sensor data. List it and in most areas some might be of use.

That why I would like to offer the use of the marines to departments who can use a hand. And I know some might see us as a unruly bunch but we are hard workers and follow up orders. So if your department could use a hand or more hands drop me a PM and we can work out a JP in which I can use some marine NPCs to aint you in your department.

Donít worry about giving us the boring jobs we ratter do something boring than nothing at all. Also I can handle quite some JPs at the time as I do have a lot of free time so expect them to be regularly updated. This can be even 2-3 times a day.

Major Serafina Palacios
Marine CO