Tethys Reaches One Year Under Captain Iluvar

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Title   Tethys Reaches One Year Under Captain Iluvar
Category   General News
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Tue Dec 30, 2008 @ 8:23pm

I can hardly believe that it was one year ago when I took command of the USS Tethys. Since that time, we have certainly grown and prospered, though not without our rough spots along the way. It is my pleasure to be commanding a simm with such fine players, each intent on making their character and this simm the best it can be.

As our first year draws to a close, I would like to take a few moments to recognize two individuals who have been with this simm since day one:

Lt. Cmdr. Earlond was the first person to join the Tethys as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. He has helped me behind the scenes as well as in character to keep this simm running and introduce exciting sub-plot ideas.

Lt. JG Logan Banks was the second person to join the Tethys as Chief Flight Control Officer. He didn’t know much about Star Trek when I asked him to join up, but as evidenced by his outstanding service, that didn’t slow him down. He’s taken up his character with enthusiasm and worked closely with Earlond to forward mission and sub-plot ideas.

This has been such a good year and I look forward to another great year ahead. We have the largest manifest the Tethys has ever seen and I know each and every player brings something unique to this simm. What new heights we will reach this year, I won’t know until we try.

It has been an honor serving with you all over this past year…let’s make 2009 something even better!


Captain Iluvar
Commanding Officer – USS Tethys
Task Group Commanding Officer 22-B “Pioneers”