New TFCO Meets With New Station Commander

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Title   New TFCO Meets With New Station Commander
Category   General News
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Mon Jun 01, 2009 @ 10:30am

Rough Start Hasn’t Stopped the Pathfinders

A week ago, Commodore Iluvar, the newly appointed Task Force Commanding officer of Horizon Fleet’s Task Force 22 arrived at Starbase 386 to meet with the station’s new commanding officer.

Colonel Madeline Dubois, now provisional Commander, a veteran of the Dominion war and decorated twice for bravery, has recently taken command of Starbase 386-B, or 'Port Hope' as the residents have apparently begun calling it. Dubois has taken command at time when strong leadership is needed. Rumblings from the Elyshan Empire and the ever-present enigma of the Breen Confederacy demand a strong presence in the Hedrion system and Starfleet is confident she is the woman for the job. While she holds the rank of Colonel in the MACOs, Dubois took the provisional rank of Commander to more smoothly fit into the command structure of the mostly Starfleet crew.

Rumours have abounded about an explosion on 386-B, and these have been confirmed by Commander Dubois, along with confirmation that station staff are working around the clock to secure the situation.

Perhaps most famous for his expertise on the region of space known as the Briar Patch, Commodore Iluvar assumed command of the Tethys over a year ago following a return to Starfleet after nearly four years extended leave. While many will agree that the loss of the USS Valar affected him deeply, the commodore doesn’t seem to stay down for long.

The commodore is known for his trusting nature, an aspect that some have criticized as being a weakness. A champion for hologram rights, he has chosen to allow two holograms (one of which is the Tethys’ EMH) the freedom to become individuals. While some have called his choice of staff questionable, many find his methods to be rather enlightened. Often, he selects those whom might normally be passed over for assignments, encouraging his crew to play to their strengths.

“Commodore Iluvar’s crew decisions have certainly raised a few eyebrows in the past,” Commodore Knapp, station commander, DS12, is quoted, “but he sees something in each of them that they might not even see themselves. Anyone who serves under his command should consider themselves very lucky…he gives them a fair and equal chance to become the best they can be without prejudice.”

Readers may recall the recent article by FNN reporter Jason Aberdeen regarding reports that the Tethys disappeared while charting the Golden Discontinuity near Cardassian space.

Similar to the Badlands, this region is plagued by severe plasma storms that have been a source of mystery to Federation scientists and of concern to Starfleet Command. The Tethys was dispatched to begin charting the Discontinuity in hopes of obtaining a better understanding of this particular region of space.

Admiral Alynna Necheyev, Commander, Starfleet Operations for Sector 441, expressed confidence in the captain and crew of the Tethys. “I know Commodore Iluvar to be an extraordinary officer, his crew to be one of the finest in the fleet,” the admiral told reporters via subspace communication, “I’m sure that things are just fine…we’re simply overreacting to what could just be interference from the plasma storms.”

Sector 441, known locally as the Briar Patch, is a region marked with dense pockets of metryon gas as well as heavy concentrations of metaphasic particles. Starfleet’s presence in the area is centered around Deep Space 12 and focused on protecting the region from intrusion and exploitation.

When contacted for further comment, Admiral Necheyev was less that pleased with Aberdeen’s article.

“Mr. Aberdeen has attempted to blacken the reputation of one of Starfleet’s finest,” she said, “It is my hope that the Federation News Network will look into this matter and take appropriate action to rectify the situation.”

Further investigation has confirmed reports that Starfleet lost contact with the USS Tethys some time ago, but Starfleet has been unable to determine if the vessel is in distress or merely suffering from interference. Last reports from Commodore Iluvar note all ship’s functions normal. Given the nature of the vessel’s commander and crew, Starfleet has little concern at this time.

You can be assured that this report will do her best to bring you the most accurate information regarding the situation as it continues to unfold.

Rachael Longfoot
Investigative Reporter
Federation Information Services