April 2009 Awards

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Title   April 2009 Awards
Category   General News
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Fri May 01, 2009 @ 9:16am

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The results are in for the monthly awards from April 2009.

Captain's Merit - "This was a difficult month to pin down one specific player who deserved merit. Everyone has done such a good job participating and being active. The posting quality has gone up and you guys really seem to be enjoying the simm. But...I cannot give this award to everyone, and so I have decided to award the Captain's Merit to Ensign Hannah Andeti for her quality contributions to this simm since she joined. Her posts have been full of character development and really compliment those whom she is working with. Congratulations, Ensign." - Commodore Iluvar

XO's Merit - Pending

USS Tethys Post of the Month Nomination (Poll) - "Binomial Nomenclature" by Lieutenant Michael Evans (We'll see how he does in the finals)

Crew's Choice (Poll) - Lieutenant Michael Evans

Character Development (Poll) - Ensign Hannah Andeti

Pulitzer Award - Ensign Jennifer Lockheart - "Lockheart's posts have displayed a depth of character and quality that deserve recognition. I look forward to seeing the direction her writing continues in the future and the contributions that it will make to this simm as a whole." - Commodore Iluvar

Humor Award - Ensign Hannah Andeti - "Scruffy the Turtle...what more needs to be said?" - Commodore Iluvar

Technical Award - Lieutenant River Kyle - "Serving as our technical compass, Lt. Kyle has kept us on track with interesting technology uses in engineering (some that have even saved the ship). If anyone needs technical help, see Lt. Kyle." - Commodore Iluvar

Newcomer Award - Ensign Hannah Andeti - "Considering the awards she has already received and the contributions given in her first month, it is only fitting that Ensign Andeti receive the Newcomer Award." - Commodore Iluvar

Congratulations to all our award winners this month. I am looking forward to another great month with you all, so lets keep it going.

This month's award polls were a bit skimpy. You can always find the award polls on the Yahoo Group for the last week and a half or so of the month. Award Polls close the first of the following month. Please get out and vote...your voice is important to us. Award nominations are always welcome.

- Commodore Iluvar