Farewell Address to the Crew of USS Tethys

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Title   Farewell Address to the Crew of USS Tethys
Category   General News
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Mon Feb 01, 2010 @ 8:42am

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Two years ago, I assumed command of this vessel at Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards just prior to her initial launch. The Tethys was a new ship with a new commanding officer and a new crew. We were eager to set out and make our mark on the Federation as well as the pages of history.

Here I stand, two years later, looking around at the people and experiences that we have had along our journey. Some of you have been with me since the day I assumed command; others have only recently joined this crew. In the past two years, we have explored new worlds, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding. We have faced the threat of rogue Romulans and Elyshan warships. Along the way, there were those who were lost...and they will be missed.

But this does not mark the end of the journey, my friends, merely a new part of that journey. By order of Admiral Meyer (NPC), Deputy Chief of Staff, Horizon Fleet, I am hereby requested and required to assume command of the Luna-class USS Pandora. The Tethys will one day become the care of another crew, but I know that we will look back on the time that we all served aboard her together and remember the opportunities, the friendships, and the adventure that she gave to each of us.

To the future...

Rear Admiral Iluvar
Commanding Officer, USS Tethys
Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force 22
Horizon Fleet