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Title   Shoreleave
Category   Mission Update
Author   Rear Admiral Iluvar
Posted   Fri Jun 13, 2008 @ 11:50am

Dear Crew of the USS Tethys,

Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. Together, we have completed our first mission and earned both the Jevonite and the Platinum awards for Simm of the Month. With the end of our first mission come a few things...

1) I am happy to announce the promotion of SCPO Raynah to the rank of Lieutenant (provisional). He has chosen to take the position of Chief Strategic Operations Officer (CSSO). We will soon be working an in character explanation for this promotion.
2) It is my hope that we can begin nominating/presenting more awards to our crew members for their participation. To do this, simply log in and click on Award Nominations under your side control panel bar.

At this point, we will be continuing in a shoreleave/intermediate mission that will allow us to segue into the next mission. Keep up the good work and I hope to enter our next mission with the same enthusiasm.


Cmdr. Iluvar