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Title   Post of the Month & SIMM of the Month
Category   General News
Posted   Tue Jun 24, 2008 @ 9:51am

Horizon Fleet has announced the May 2008 Post & SIMM of the Month.

This month saw joint winners for the Post of the Month:

The Post of the Month Award go to:

Commander Iluvar & Lieutenant Ramsey of the USS Tethys
The winning post was 'A Trip Down Memory Lane'
Yaaaay! round of applause and sounds of cheers


Captain Lange & Chief Petty Officer Nira of the USS Peacekeeper

The SIMM of the Month Award goes to:

Latinum Award (1st place) USS Proteus

Platinum Award (2nd place) USS Peacekeeper

Jenovite Award (3rd place) USS Beowulf

Well done to all the winners! (especially the Tethys crew - hee hee)