an introduction

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Title   an introduction
Category   General News
Author   Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans
Posted   Wed Oct 15, 2008 @ 11:23pm

The captain and I had an idea to make the Tethys more attractive to visitors who are looking for a ship. All department heads please submit a short letter to Iluvar via PM. Itís going to be attached to the Main page of our site.

This should be a short letter or paragraph of introduction for your character, similar to what Iluvar already has on the main page. It should, hopefully, give the reader an idea about the flavor of your character and your writing skills. This way a visitor can get a good idea, without having to sift through the mission logs, about the characters and people with whom they would be writing.

Your paragraph/letter can be anything, but some ideas include your thoughts about the ship, how you run your department, what your species is and how you perceive your personality, maybe a note on your characterís history, perhaps a quirk or hobby, that sort of thing.

Thank you all for your help in this. Letís show everyone that the Tethys is the place to be!

-Michael Evans, CMO