The Pandora Effect – Silent Running
by Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant JG Jennifer Lockheart & Lieutenant JG Hannah Andeti & Ensign Velia Moretti

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Title   Silent Running
Mission   The Pandora Effect
Author(s)   Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Christopher McNeil & Lieutenant JG Jennifer Lockheart & Lieutenant JG Hannah Andeti & Ensign Velia Moretti
Posted   Thu Dec 17, 2009 @ 1:25am
Location   Main Bridge, USS Tethys (Valiant-Class)
Timeline   MD02, 1245
ON: [[Main Bridge, USS Tethys (Valiant-Class), MD02, 1245]]

Aboard the Valiant-class USS Tethys, everything was quiet. A tense atmosphere permeated every section of the small vessel in anticipation of the arrival of the Romulans. Per the order of Lt. Cmdr. McNeil, the entire ship had rigged for silent running. Lights were dimmed along with the reduction in power output, an attempt to limit the ship's energy signature.

The door to the bridge slid open and Iluvar entered the room, followed shortly by Ensign Lockheart and Lieutenant Watters. Mike immediately took up position near the doorway, having already dispatched his men to the most sensitive areas of the ship to assist Security teams if necessary. He watched as the captain made his way toward the center of the room.

Jen herself moved towards the join helm/ops console at the front of the bridge, relieving the officer there and taking the post herself, tapping a few controls to grant her access to the console's programs. Thankfully, there was less to monitor on the screen, with all non-essential systems shut down.

Andeti looked up from her console. She had been waiting to ask the question with almost more anxiety than even the counselor could handle but she swallowed her nerves and met the Captain's eye. "Has there been any word on the away team, sir?"

Iluvar paused and gave the woman a grim look. "Not yet," he said quietly, "But we're not giving up."

The counselor returned what she hoped was a strong smile and nodded in quiet acceptance, turning her focus instead on the mood and feelings of those around her.

"Report," Iluvar asked McNeil as he neared the center chair. A quick glance at the main viewscreen did not show any Romulan warships, but that didn't mean that they weren't out there somewhere.

"We're maintaining a polar orbit and running on as little power as possible. Indications are that there are at least two Romulan ships in the system, but we haven't found them yet. They've probably improved their cloaking device since their last encounter with a Federation ship." McNeil stood as he spoke to allow Iluvar to take his seat back.

"Thank you, commander," Iluvar said, fixing his gaze on the main viewscreen as if staring at it would reveal the location of the Romulan vessels. Time was running out and there was still no sign of the away team. Still, he could not, in good conscience, abandon them. Something was telling him that they had to stay and it bothered Iluvar that he couldn't figure out what that something was.

McNeil took up a position behind and to one side of the center chair. He could have taken over one of the consoles, but right now the officers manning them were all better than he was at their particular jobs. From where he was he could see each position clearly and could get to any position that needed his assistance quickly.

"I've got nothing on sensors, Captain," Jen said from the forward console. "At least, nothing that we know would betray a Romulan cloak that we can detect without lighting ourselves up like a flare."

"Caught between a rock and a hard place," Iluvar muttered, mostly to himself. If they stayed, they would eventually be discovered. If they attempted to run, they would be discovered. Either way, if the Romulans were out there, they would find the Tethys. When that happened, there was only one certain outcome...



Lieutenant Commander Christopher McNeil
Chief Intel Officer/Mission Advisor
USS Tethys

Ensign Jennifer Lockheart
Chief Operations Officer
USS Tethys

Ensign Hannah Andeti
Chief Counselor
USS Tethys


"Captain" Iluvar
Commanding Officer
USS Tethys