The Pandora Effect – Guardians of Time
by Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Earlond & Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans

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Title   Guardians of Time
Mission   The Pandora Effect
Author(s)   Rear Admiral Iluvar & Commander Earlond & Lieutenant Commander Fala Awen & Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans
Posted   Sat Jan 09, 2010 @ 1:53pm
Location   Science Outpost, Planet Gateway
Timeline   MD01, 1410
ON: [[The Guardian of Forever]]

An anomaly in the flow of time has been detected, the voice of the Guardian echoed in the white void.

A series of images flashed before the eyes of the away team, showing a small Federation starship coming under fire from two Romulan warbirds. Inside the fiery bridge, "Captain" Iluvar struggled to hold his dying vessel on a collision course. The alternate Tethys erupted in a brilliant explosion, crippling the warbird it had collided with and sending debris into orbit around Planet Gateway.

You must correct this anomaly the Guardian continued as the images faded away, Or the timeline will forever be altered and these things, which you have witnessed, will come to pass.


[[Science Outpost, Planet Gateway, MD 01, 1410]]

The light faded until the surrounding area was visible again. Nearby, the research outpost was clearly visible as well as the silent Guardian of Forever. It was silent except for the sound of the away team.

Earlond looked around. "Looks like we get a chance to end this," he said grimly. "Or rather, make it not happen. Either way, I want Volaris dead. That is our only priority. If we can do that, nothing else will matter."

"We need to kill him before he enters the Guardian....really, before we - our past selves - show up," Awen replied. "We need to do this quickly." The Bajoran drew her knife.

A metallic clang echoed across the landscape from the research post. For a moment, it was silent again before another clang sounded. Inside the research post, Volaris motioned his Reman guards forward toward the heavy door separating them from the exterior plain where they would find the structure known as the Guardian of Forever, the key to his entire plan.

Hearing the clangs, Awen turned to the others, motioning her plan to blitz attack the guards and Volaris.

Kiral nodded to Awen, indicating she understood the plan. In one hand she held her phaser, in the other, a small blade. Options were always good.

Evans slipped out of his vulcan robe for ease of movement, leaving him in his uniform pants and blue undertunic. He readied his phaser, took a position on the right flank, and nodded to Awen indicating his readiness.

The Bajoran moved quietly but quickly forward, hoping to reach the other party as soon as possible. The clangs had come from somewhere ahead.

Earlond moved forward, mirroring Awen but staying far enough apart that when they attacked they could present two fronts for the enemies.

Evans moved quietly with the rest, his heart pounding. He was careful to keep some distance from the others so he'd have a clear shot when the fighting began. 'No hesitation this time,' he told himself.

As the large exterior door slid open, Volaris waited for two of his Reman guards to go first. After the attack by his ship, there shouldn't have been anyone left waiting for them, but one could never be too careful, especially around the Federation. The Remans moved fluidly down the steps to the ground below and scanned the area with their eyes. Despite the dim lighting, they were able to see quite well.

Awen did her best to stay in the shadows, freezing in place as she saw Volaris and his guards. She signalled to Earlond.

Earlond came to a halt, nodding to Awen. They had to time this right, or risk a firefight that could give Volaris time to escape into the Guardian again.

Volaris moved down the stairs next, keeping an eye out for any motion or signals from his guards. Behind him, two more Remans followed, leaving the rest of the team behind to wait for the away team he knew Iluvar would be sending. When he had heard that it was the Tethys that had responded, he could not believe the irony. How fitting that they be the ones to witness Volaris' great defeat of the Federation.

Earlond motioned to Kiral and Awen. They were in the best position to quietly take out the rear guards without too much noise.

Kiral slipped forward quietly, flanked by Awen. The two came up behind the trailing two guards and engaged them, grabbing the Remans by the shoulder to slit their throats. Kiral's guard had slightly quicker reflexes and turned right before she could draw her knife across his neck. Kneeing him in the stomach, she brought her elbows down on his back, dropping him to the ground. The Maran dropped with him, landing on top of him and finishing him off.

Awen's kill had come much easier, but the additional noise from Kiral's struggle had alerted Volaris and the other guards. Since they were prepared now, it wouldn't be as easy to take them down.

Volaris quickly covered up his surprise with the anger that he felt. He was so close to his goal and yet it seemed as if Starfleet would again intervene with what was the destiny of the Romulan Empire. "Shoot them," Volaris snapped at his guards, pointing to the away team. The two Remans behind him stepped forward and opened fire on the two women who were closest, their initial shots missing by mere centimeters. The Romulan subcommander glanced at the Guardian of Forever, judging the distance and wondering if he had time to run to its waiting portal.

"Not likely," said a voice; Earlond had alread raced forward while the guards were engaging the women. Slapping away the weapon Volaris tried to raise, Earlond slammed the heel of his hand into Volaris' chin, knocking him backwards.

Although he had spoken countless times on the floor of the Romulan Senate, Volaris was no career diplomat. He had been raised and trained in the Romulan military tradition. Even as he reeled back from the blow, he reached out and caught Earlond's hand, twisting his arm so that it would force him to turn away from Volaris.

Earlond, however, was no stranger to combat, either - in a quick motion, he gripped Volaris' attacking arm and twisted sharply, feeling a satisfying crack. Earlond reversed the momentum, now pushing Volaris' upper body forward while a leg swept Volaris' feet from under him.

The Romulan grabbed for Earlond, but his hand missed. He hit the ground hard, pinning his injured arm beneath himself. Using his good arm, he pushed himself over, only to find himself looking up at Earlond, who was standing over him.

"It's over," Earlond said coldly, raising his weapon and firing point-blank into Volaris.


[[Restored Timeline]]

The away team descended the stairwell after having dealt with the Reman intruders inside the observation post. What they saw completely baffled them. Four Reman guards lay dead, victims of numerous knife wounds. Volaris was nearby, his body limp and lifeless. There was a round burn mark on his chest where some sort of energy weapon had impacted the Romulan at point-blank range.

Awen assessed the scene before her. She looked over at Kiral, who shrugged, unsure. As she noted the knife wounds, her fingers slipped down to her own knife. Though Awen couldn't entirely describe it, seeing the dead Romulan and Remans almost gave her a feeling of deja vu. The Bajoran could almost feel her knife stabbing through a Reman... Her eyes moved to the structure before them. 'Guardian' came to mind and as she looked closer, a set of images flashed through her mind. Khitomer, the Enterprise-C, this place. It wasn't entirely clear, but something had certainly happened here.

=^= Tethys to away team =^= Iluvar's voice crackled through the team's commbadges =^= Report. =^=

Earlond tapped his combadge. "Earlond here," he replied, "Volaris is no longer a threat." There was a moment of silence as Earlond's statement sunk in. Whatever might have happened, it was over now.


A JP by

Commander Earlond
Executive Officer
USS Tethys

Lieutenant Fala Awen
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tethys

Lieutenant Michael Evans
Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer
USS Tethys

Lieutenant Kiral (NPC)
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tethys
Played by: Lt. Fala Awen


SubCommander Volaris (NPC)
Commanding Officer
Cloaked Dagger
Played by: RAdm Iluvar